January 28, 2017


Andrew Martin Soul Expansion

The Rise of the Light- A Soul Expansion Series


This 5 part series facilitated by Andrew Martin begins on Sunday, July 2nd at 12PM ET
Sessions are a combination of energy work, psychic impressions, intuitive guidance, and interactive Q&A for the group. Attendees may join via their computer, mobile device, or dial in via telephone.

Dates: Sunday, July 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd, and 30th. Each session runs from 12PM – 2PM ET
Tickets may be purchased for each session individually or as a package at a discounted rate.

The Rise of the Light calls create a space where we can begin to have fun and play with our rediscovered abilities of creation. We are supported in aligning with our truth and purpose to reach levels of awareness that we’ve never consciously experienced in this lifetime. This is the rise of the light within you. This is the rise of the light on the planet and in humanity. This is the rise of the light that illuminates the new landscape we now stand in.

At the end of June, the message came through loud and clear that the experiment of limitation is over. Now the decision is whether or not you’re going to embrace your freedom or try to recreate the confining conditions of the old experiment. The constructs of manipulation and control of the old 3D experience are on their last legs. Supported by the huge release of energy brought on by these collapsing constructs, humanity began to clear the suffering and adversity programs from our DNA and cellular memory. This cleared the way for a massive increase in our light quotient. The return to our sovereign nature is well under way.

Around the Solstice a powerful series of light codes came in and the bifurcation of realities began to anchor and solidify. For the rest of the year and into 2108, intensity is the key word. This is nothing to fear, especially for those who are actively engaged in their experience (and if you’re reading this, you are most definitely actively engaged). Things are never going to go back to the way they were, those cycles have completed. There will be balance and accord again, but never in the same way. Our ability to consciously form and shape our external (secondary) reality by fine tuning our internal (primary) reality brings us new experiences, new connections, new beginnings and new levels of fullfillment. If you think the first 6 months of 2107 have been interesting, hang on to your hats! You ain’t seen nothing yet!

The calls are a combination of energy work, psychic impressions, intuitive guidance, and practical wisdom. Andrew will guide the group to a deeper understanding of how to consciously use their newly unlocked abilities for a life that is more joyful, satisfying and aligned with their unique purpose.

This series consists of 2 hour sessions on Sundays from 12PM – 2PM ET
An MP3 recording of each session will be provided to participants after each call so they can review the information and re-immerse themselves in the powerful energy work whenever they desire.