July 20, 2016


divine lightUntil further notice, Andrew will not be booking private sessions. To find out about Andrew’s live events and to join his Soul Expansion calls check out his event page here.


Sessions with Andrew get right to the heart of the matter and provide you with insights that allow you to start making effective change in your life starting now.
At its core, his work is all about guiding people to freedom. He digs beneath the surface. Getting to the root of the fears, stories, programs and illusions that keep them from living their fullest life.

One on One Sessions
Using his intuitive gifts and multi-level awareness Andrew reads and interprets the combination of energetic elements that are currently present in your field. Empowering you to unlock lasting, positive, change and transformation in your life.
Sessions are a combination of energy work, psychic impressions, intuitive guidance and practical wisdom.
One on One Sessions are $360.00 and are 60 minutes.  You’ll also receive an MP3 recording of your session.

Energy Work Session
The evolution of the physical vessel is happening in a very profound way. We are now capable of holding much higher frequencies of light which creates dramatic shifts in our energy fields.
The Energy Work Session happens on many levels. It works physically, uncovering cellular memory of past lives, stored trauma, and energetic blocks that may create imbalances. It works on the emotional field to dissolve limiting patterns, stories and beliefs that often keep you locked in struggle. It also works on the mental plane to rewrite neural pathways and unconscious routines that create resistance. All of these attunements open up new levels of awareness within your experience. The energy work is a combination of sounds, breath work and intuitive insight. It is powerful and transformational.
The Energy Template Transformation sessions are $380.00 and are 75 minutes.  You’ll also receive an MP3 recording of your session.

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