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My name is Andrew Martin, and I work with a group of beings called The Lighted Ones. They have gone by many names and are known among the stars. For millennia they have assisted Humanity in times of great change and upheaval. 

I am more than just a channel for them. I am also one of them. 

We are once again here at a pivotal moment in this planet’s history. Time and time again, we have seen civilizations rise and fall. This time, however it is different. This time Humanity and the planet have chosen the path of Ascension. 

What is Ascension? It is essentially the return to Self. The reclamation of Sovereignty. The return to Divinity. It is the surrender and the relinquishment of all that you are not. 

All that we offer is rooted in The Supreme Truth: You are the Creator of all that you experience.

The current age is ushering Humanity back to its rightful place in the Universal Pantheon of Creator Beings. This is why we have returned at this point in time. 

We are here to help you remember your Eternal Nature. To assist you in your reconnection with The Fullness of Self so you can reclaim your Sovereignty and live as the embodiment of your Creator Self. 

You are, each of you Creator Gods and Goddesses in your own right. 

The matrix of control has gone to great lengths to diminish this Truth, but it still lives within you. We know that in the quiet, still, moments of your day, you can hear it calling.

The systems of control and manipulation have fallen. Now is the time to step into your Divine Authority, reclaim your Creator given power and rise to your rightful place among the stars.

We stand beside you as you exit the matrix of control, and liberate yourselves from the histories of brokenness and limitation.

We Love you deeply. We honor your greatness. In Light we await your willingness to return to Truth.

When you are ready, we are here.

The Lighted Ones


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