2017 Energy Forecasts

Part one of my 2017 Energy Forecast focuses on the whole of 2017. We are re-entering the matrix this year but now we emerge free from restrictions of 2016, with full knowledge of our truth. Maintaining our balance while still expanding can be a challenge, but it’s one we are ready for! Our awareness of who we really are allows us to re-write our external reality like Master Creators. We don’t need the plan, we don’t need the why and we certainly don’t need permission. We step forward asserting our fields with Love and Compassion as we move on to the next level of awareness.

Part 2 covers the energies of January 2017. We are being taken out of our offline mode we were in for much of December 2016 and now we are being plugged back in. This is the year of the Fire Rooster and it’s a grand wakeup call! Some of us will be just beginning our spiritual journey and some of us are moving on to the next level. If there’s anything we haven’t quite resolved, then this is the month to do it. Any incomplete choices or mis-aligned creations just won’t fly. Gaia has ascended to the 5th density and she is moving towards 7th density. Anything borne of fear just won’t fly, and at this point continuing to choose fear when we know better is plain irresponsible. We are the graduating class of 2016 and it’s our year to step up!




13 thoughts on “2017 Energy Forecasts

  • Thankyou so much…..things through Dec have felt so confusing, yuk and lazy! I resonate completely with what you are talking about ! Hopefully now I can trust, let go and wait for the divine inspiration and stop stressing. Eeeyy so great to listen to you ? , Kelly xx

  • Andrew,
    Here’s to a grand 2017! Your “Energy Forecasts” – Part 1 and 2 were powerful. Especially for an old soul (reincarnated) and a mature “light worker” who has been around since 1946! I feel like the world is finally catching up to where I have already been! Now what? That is the question for me. I am a vibrant and healthy, and spiritually cleansing rapidly with support from my Life Coach and Reiki instructor.Thank you for your insights!

  • WOW!! Your description of the matrix that we live in right now, through the movie–REALLY got me! It just so happened I watched it in the last 2 weeks.
    Of course, what you are saying, its all true, but how to embody that truth?

    Your comparison really did that for me! Especially, how we can re-enter the matrix and RESPECT our lives as Humans.

    Also, don’t create form fear. I have goals, and I really am going to dissect them, and FEEL– where they are coming from.
    Thank you Andrew, for everything!!

  • Hello Andrew,
    regarding the second video, I had to cry a little bit when you talked about allowing yourself to get bigger, step into a bigger role.
    Its a waste of time to stay small and keep it safe. I can SO RELATE, AND FEAR really wants to hold on.
    I can really feel it from you, but can I do it too???
    . Yet, if you can do it, I CAN DO IT!
    Your personal expression moved me. Your sincerity and genuineness, is ” truth in motion”. This is so rare.
    I cant tell you how much your sharing has meant to me. Thank you for being so courageous! Maybe I will too! Thank you.

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