Your Energy is Your Interface

Andrew Martin

The truth is that nothing outside of us can ever trump how we feel inside. That is to say, if we are closed off emotionally and aren’t loving ourselves, then all of the love in the world can be showered upon us and it won’t make a bit of difference in our lives. When you boil it all down, it gets pretty simple. Our internal energetic state is either allowing or resisting.

If we are resisting then we are defending. If we are defending, then we are not open to receive.

There is a lot of talk about gratitude these days. Why is gratitude so powerful? Gratitude puts us in an energetic state of reception. When you get something you really like or enjoy. You say “Yes!” You get excited! You say “Thank You!” You want more of it! Energetically gratitude and reception are two sides of the same coin. It’s not just gratitude as some empty buzzword, it’s a feeling and a frequency.

The universe speaks in energy and frequency. It doesn’t differentiate what it is that we are grateful (or ungrateful) for. It only responds to our energy. Like attracts like. Energy has a structure to it. A shape. So when you find gratitude for anything in your life and consistently practice the feeling of it, you shift your energetic structure. When you shift your energetic structure you change the shape of your energy field and when you do that you begin to interface with reality in a new way. That new interface creates an immediate shift in circumstances. Sustain the energetic shape of any frequency long enough and you begin to imprint it on your external world.

When you consistently find a way to FEEL gratitude for your life then your life rearranges itself to support your feeling. For the next seven days, try finding gratitude for 5 things in your life each day. Take your time with it and FEEL the feelings that this brings up for you. Get intentional about it and really savor what arises when you talk about being grateful. Then begin to notice how your life shifts as a result. When you experience those results, use it as an opportunity to compound the goodness by feeling and saying “thank you” from your heart.

This info is coming through from my recent connection with the Arcturians. The May Soul Expansion – Embodying the Light is going to include a lot of this new information. Pre-registration for the May series is open and you can sign up here.
I’m really excited to share this information with you!


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