October Energy Transmission

October Energy Transmission – Everything Has Changed

Clarity comes in fits and starts these days. There are times where everything is so clear and pristine. The next moment it shreds at the seams, reducing itself to nothing again. Everything has changed. 2019 has been unforgiving in that sense. I am not the same man I was a year ago. I am not[…]

Andrew Martin Energy

The Mechanism of Choice

A continuation of yesterday’s post. This message came through as additional insight a couple of years after the initial message. Amazing to look back and see how understanding grows and evolves as we do. “When we choose our identity, we choose our experience. The choices we make as a human defines our experience and brings[…]

Andrew Martin Energy

Markers On The Path

This message first came through in 2015. I asked the guides for some insight on the powerful energies that we were receiving. I wanted to know what their point of view on this experience was. Amazing to me how we cycle through our experience and the same message can take on an entirely new meaning. “In[…]

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Your Emotional Architecture

Emotional ArchitectureOne of the primary functions of a human experience is that we create through our emotions. Every single choice we make has an emotional underpinning. We create because we want an emotional pay off. We choose this because we like the way we feel when we do. We eat this food, because there’s a[…]