30 Videos in 30 Days #16: Sexual Energy

We’re in the home stretch of the 30 Day Challenge! Today I am sharing my perspective on our sexual energy, the Sacral Chakra, and ways we can tap into this energy.
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One thought on “30 Videos in 30 Days #16: Sexual Energy”

  • Hello! Speaking of sexual energy, what if it comes completely the other way? What if simple desire we cannot fullfill is driving us histerical and angry? Is it ok to desire? What does sexual energy means when it comes to spiritualism? Is it important? Or is it the body and ego speaking through…

    I am asking as I have been in a relationship for 4 years (homosexual) and despite it all sta
    rting “wild” I would say (well as every relationship really), it went down quickly to nothing. Despite being quite satisfied on other levels, I am dissatisfied with my sexual life completely, its once every month or sometimes 3 months, and over the time it went all awkward, touch is awkard, I end up crying, I burst out in frustration regularly. My partner does not want and does not need sex, and as much as I am trying to support this, I end up being respectfull but dissatisfied myself, the urge of intimacy (and not just with anyone, I want her the way we used to have it) is excruciating. I oftently think of my bestfriend whose husband is in prison, and who would have given everything to have him close at least. But then I think I shouldn’t be comparing myself to what could be worse but think of what I have and what I need…

    And there comes my loop: Is sex spiritual? Is this a test to let go of the desire? Or am I being wrong, am I right to feel the way I feel? Am I ok to desire? Am I being aware and ok with my needs or is it just lack of appreciation to all other things speaking through me?

    Thank you kindly if you decide to unfold this topic a little bit more!

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