30 Videos in 30 Days #25: Addiction

The 30 Day Challenge is in the final leg. On day 25 I am talking about addiction. I got a lot of beautiful and humbling messages from people asking about this topic. To be honest, this one was difficult for me because I am not an expert. So the best I can do is share what has worked for me. I hope that it helps.



3 thoughts on “30 Videos in 30 Days #25: Addiction

  • Andrew thank you. Although the main addiction in my life is simply a chocolate/sugar one I wept through your entire presentation… I did pick out and write down some key words though:) “Pain, confusion, nothing makes sense.” I immediately saw my little girl nodding her head at this one at a very young age. “Letting go is like potty training a puppy/kitten.” I know how to work with that one. ” A trigger for love and compassion.” Only yesterday I gave in and made a small bowl… ok 2 in a row… of chocolate icing. (I raided my daughter’s place for the icing sugar as I deny myself buying it any more.) I immediately recognized that I am going through a hurting time right now and instead of yielding to the craving next time I will “choose something else.” I will choose to sit quietly with me… allow my tears to flow and hold the little girl inside who still doesn’t want to face whatever I’m facing. I’ve held her through so many things as the years pass but never when chocolate is available. (I have friends/family who wouldn’t dream of visiting me without chocolate.
    When I first posted my question to you a lovely reader shared about candida. I’ve been through that approach before. I knew it was a bandaid for me. My heart sought to reach the base of the root cause… my first conscious memory of stealing a chocolate bar from my sister was 6 years. I was spanked for lying about it. I smile… my mom tenaciously hunted til she found the wrapper stuffed down the fireplace “ash door.”
    So I realize that many of you have faced much more life threatening addictions and I am blessed that the one I deal with seems simple in comparison. I’ve lived with it for a LONG time… today I am grateful for that part of me who took it on to hold. It is time to revisit and set her free… one choice at a time. Thank you so much.

    • This is so wonderful to hear, Nancee. Thank you for being vulnerable and asking the question and also with sharing your story. It’s a daunting thing to turn and face our pain, but I believe it is the path to freedom. Much love to you my friend. <3

  • This is so good…………and I’m saying that as a former Substance Abuse Counselor. What you talked of here is what I used to take clients through during their treatment. I love all you’ve said here. Thank you.

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