April 2017 Energy Forecast – Living Free From Limitation

April opens up in a powerful way with the recent first new moon of the astrological new year. We stand now balanced within ourselves. Our ability to consciously create our world grows more and more effective. The paradox to living free from limitation is to accept that in essence, everything is a limitation. When we accept this then the ideas of wanted or unwanted, good or bad become subsumed by our embodiment of the truth. The truth that we are not just connected to All That Is. We ARE All That is. There is no difference or separation.
I cover all of this and more in the April Energy Forecast Video.
The April Soul Expansion calls are open for RSVP. Check out the events tab on my website to sign up. The first session on April 2nd is free!



8 thoughts on “April 2017 Energy Forecast – Living Free From Limitation

  • So much clarity and profound empowerment. Every day is filled with excitement 🙂
    Thank you beautiful Andrew <3

  • Wow, that was really great! I haven’t heard the idea of limitations expressed in this way before. How powerful. Thank you!

  • Oh Andrew. ❤️??☀️ I absolutely love you. My third eye lights up when I watch you. What do you suppose that means?

    What a great video. I’m afraid I’m going to have to watch it again however. A tad confusing at one spot for me. On another note, you think that you may be an angel on Earth? I’m not being a smart-ass, I’m seriously wondering.

    I will see you later today!

    Love & Light,

  • Andrew,
    Thank you so much for your monthly energy reports! I always look forward to them! I find it to be the most down to earth, relatable, leading edge information available. You are wonderfully unique and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for bringing your message into this world. Rock on!!

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