April 2017 Energy Update Live – The New Recipe

The first ever live Energy Update was so much fun! When we are in such a rapid state of expansion and growth, the actions that are required from us will seem to be constantly pushing us to the edge of the comfort zone. The plateaus will be very short and very brief for now.
It’s time to dismantle everything again and reformulate the recipe. Let play guide you. Let joy guide you. Let curiosity guide you. Experiment, innovate, take risks, choose the unchosen, speak the unspoken, ask to be shown a different way, a new way. Be deliberate and focused. Take time to get still and quiet.
How do I humanize what the heart is guiding me to? How do I take the raw materials, the ingredients that the heart is providing and use them to create something tangible? All of this and more in the Live April Energy Update.



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