Are You Fixed or in the Flow?

This tool is something that came out of last week’s Soul Expansion call.
Another wave of awakening is occurring right now. There are a lot of people coming to me for answers. Coming to me with questions. People usually want to know “What is the answer, why is this happening?“ Usually the subtext of these questions is “How can I fix or cure this so that it never happens again?”
This isn’t about fixing anything. There is no silver bullet. There is no cure. There is no end. There is no finish line.
HOWEVER, there is an understanding that can help shift your perspective. Shifting your perspective is ALWAYS the first step in shifting your reality.


3 thoughts on “Are You Fixed or in the Flow?

  • Just discovered your work Andrew- Thank you for great teaching, your work is helping me.
    Blessings and love to you.

    Joanna M

  • My precious precious gorgeous man Andrew … this was so powerful … so true … what a gift you are for the world … and at this time for moi! I just recently closed a shoppe that I loved opening … and loved doing … but our wee town is feeling the ‘change’ … and showing up just to pay a landlord gets weary … but … closing … letting go … broke my heart … and this has helped me so so much to soothe.

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