August 2017 Energy Forecast-The Liberation Timeline

There is a MAGNIFICENT life knocking at the door, ready to express itself through you. However your unwillingness to let go of what you think it should look feel or sound like is refusal to let it in.
Can you trust that you’ve brought yourself the right circumstances for the experience you require? Are you ready to free yourself from the old timeline of limitation and anchor into the Liberation Timeline?
This is the month where we really begin to see our physical (secondary) reality shifting to match our internal (primary) reality.
August holds powerful planetary alignments that offer a massive energetic push to anchor us in whatever timeline we have been focusing on. If we’ve been moving in the direction of our soul’s calling and purpose for this life we will experience clarity, satisfaction, and support coming in. When we drop the struggle, tune into our inner truth, and allow ourselves to be carried by the flow we immediately re-orient ourselves towards the higher reality. The experience of the Liberation Timeline is for everyone. The only caveat is that you’re walking in your truth and taking action from the inner nudges and prompts that it’s sending you.


2 thoughts on “August 2017 Energy Forecast-The Liberation Timeline

  • YAY Andrew, loved the update and love you. I have also been getting the message to ditch the plan and just show up. Plans are just a hope to control a future outcome and then I cannot connect to my truth, I get stuck in trying to maneuver back to my plan which means no flow, which means sweating and dancing. My new “plan” for connecting with my clients is to open sacred space, ground and shield then everything flows like magic – one of my clients asked me how I learned this because what I do is clearly not “life coaching”. What did I do? Showed up attached to my higher self and truth and not attached to the outcome. Magic. Also, love “The Gay Thing”. The themes are so universal that it could easily be called “The Hetero Middle Aged Middle Classed White Woman Thing”. Can’t wait to see what miracles you manifest.

  • wow. andrew this is so brilliant. may you be carried by the flow, to reach deep into humanity’s soft beating hearts and bring clarity to many who are waking up to who they truly are. Tears. as I think of my Uncle, in the 70’s who could not feel free to come out to his true nature and suffered from the isolation and pain of his life so painfully lived. Al lived on the East Coast and who came down with the aids before it was really recognized in the collective consciousness. Al, would have loved your work!!

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