August 2017 Energy Update – Post Eclipse Integration

The Solar Eclipse was so powerful! I haven’t been able to sleep enough since then. Often times I sense a big let down collectively after events such as these. We often times attach so much expectation to these events and spiral out into disappointment when they don’t play out like we thought they would. The mind is the only one that creates these expectations. Let go of what you thought and just let it be. Over the next couple of weeks leading up to the Equinox, simply remember how to be present within this new energetic landscape you inhabit. Get comfortable just being in this new space. The body still has a lot to digest and integrate. Give yourself the gift of at least 10 minutes a day to review, amend, and affirm your new intentions. Action is coming, but for now, it’s all about integration and adjustment.


One thought on “August 2017 Energy Update – Post Eclipse Integration”

  • Yowza – thanks Andrew! The expectation-juju we spin into comparing ourselves to what others get from an event or experience is soooo limiting. And more significantly it puts our attention on someone else’s gig – duh… limiting what we get from our own (catch-22 anyone?).
    During these energetic abundasized downloads – my heart-mind & body are occupied enough, thank you, with digesting/processing, and BEING… It’s fine if folks join me at the Thanksgiving Table – but I eat from my own plate.
    Thank you for reminding us that this is not a mind thing, a ‘cognitive’ show-me-I’m-from-Missouri fact finding mission. Not about annabullizing ourselves! (not a typo, a combination of: analyze+cannibalism+bullshit)
    “How can you possibly learn how to inhabit your new house if you’re constantly walkin around the new house and talkin about, being upset about how it doesn’t look like the old house?” So Simply True…
    All of your practical examples and kind counsel are simultaneously inspiring and calming for me. Yea, I’m gushing a bit – but I just found you today!
    Yesterday as I sipped my morning coffee outside on my backyard deck, I felt deeply enriched watching a spider. The web of concentric circles, different parts revealed to my eye with shifts of sunlight and breezes. And in one thread of an opposing-circle (also butt-threaded out by same spider), a little bug was stuck for spider’s breakfast. The spider was so patient, waiting for the breakfast bug to weary of resisting the web…
    I felt so deeply about our collective human conundrums, and so much Love for our gracefully arriving new Selves.
    Love your intention setting – Viva La Absurdity!!!! and when blank about intentions – Viva La Art of the Guilt-Free Nap!
    Whenever you land – I know San Francisco will greet you with Love, Light, & Laughter.

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