August Update - Find Your Middle Path

August Update – Find Your Middle Path

Increasingly we are seeing polarity/duality ramping up in our collective. You’re either THIS or you’re THAT! The middle ground would seem to be shrinking beneath our feet. Yet, when you are able to entertain that point of view as well as holding your own perspective, you begin to see that nobody is one thing. To[…]

August Energy Transmission - Created or Creator?

August Energy Transmission – Created or Creator?

August always feels like the month where things start moving forward physically. I often feel like the first part of the year is the inner work, and the second half is when the changes start to manifest in form. August reminds us that the only things that last are those created from Love. We are[…]

uly Energy Transmission - Rise of The Human

July Energy Transmission – Rise of The Human

Compassion is the key that opens the portal between self and Self. No matter the difference, compassion brings us closer to one another. It removes the divides that are created in the mind. July feels like the butterfly emerging from the cocoon. It’s a time to be gentle and kind with ourselves while we are[…]

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Judgement is the realm of the mind; the playing field of the small self. Judgement of ourselves, of circumstances, and of others is one of our greatest addictions. Judgement is the foundation for all separation. Separation is the ego’s favorite way to divide us from our Self. When I believe that a judgement is true,[…]

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The Myth of Control

The idea of control is so seductive. It’s one of our favorite human myths. We use the program of “Control” to justify all sorts of things. Yet if things were “controllable” would we even perceive them as being out of control in the first place? How can something be what it is not? Is the[…]

From Power to Authority

From Power to Authority

**This video is a bit choppy. There were some connection issues with the livestream. However, technical issues aside, there’s some really good info here. If you can manage to overlook a few glitchy patches, it’s worth the watch! There is so much changing and evolving in our experience right now. One of the biggest moves[…]