April Energy Transmission - The End of History

April Energy Transmission – The End of History

Ok, I got FIRED up in this one! 😃✨ The energies that came through took us to church! 🤣💙The global awakening that we’re in the midst of is taking us into unprecedented, unfamiliar, territory. However, in many ways it can be understood through the lens of your personal awakening. The only things that fall apart[…]

Andrew Martin Energy

Fear is Temporary

The Sphere Healing sessions are such an amazing experience. Deep healing, pure wisdom, and some pretty incredible stuff is coming through. This message came through for a client today. Fear always happens outside of the present moment. Fear occurs when we vacate the present moment. Since our guidance is only ever present with us now,[…]

Meditation for Clearing Your Field Andrew Martin Energy

Meditation for Clearing Your Field

The current panic and hysteria that is and has been present in our collective field is so thick and dense right now. While we can’t always control what’s happening out there we are certainly accountable for how we process our feelings, energy, and emotions around it. This simple guided meditation is an easy way to[…]