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13 thoughts on “Donate

  • Hi Andrew, You have no idea how much you have helped me the last 3 years! You have an ability to refrain things in a way that made sense to me on this crazy journey 🌸 but most of all you made me laugh!!! Thank you so much 🙏

  • Andrew, you know how it works, you are never alone. No matter what’s going on those of us that listen to you can relate. Thank you so much for all you do and share. You are the best. oxoxoxo

  • Andrew, I can’t thank you for all the wonderful videos, advice, compassion you give! Your work has helped me out in many ways…So I am passing on a little help your way as thank you for what you do!

  • Andrew, I am always inspired by your humor, insights, and uplifting perceptions! I applaud your path of sharing your authentic self with us. It is an excellent model for me to see. Sending lots of love and encouragement for you to stay the course. However, I do realize that there may be some other path that is even more expansive than this one. Never underestimate the ability of the universe to keep us on our path. Just know you are touching so many lives it is amazing! And, one more thing…..never lose that laugh! It totally brightens my heart every time I hear it. Sending love your way!!!

  • Thank you for being. You have always been there for me despite not knowing who I am. Each video has resonated with where I am in my path, and the validation that has brought me keeps me sane. At times the loneliness that sometimes comes along with being an intuitive empath, medium & channel is so overwhelming that it hurts. During those dark times your YouTube videos have lifted me out of the darkness and I thank you for that. As lightworkers we have chosen a difficult path leading to our awakening… and then, after we awaken, our path is difficult. Difficult and weird. Thank fuck for neutrality, brother! Many blessings…

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