Andrew Martin

There Are Universes Within

I remember when I started to share this journey publicly. The first ever channelled message I posted from the lighted ones (TLO) was on November 21st of 2013  It was such an exciting moment for me. I had been working with them one on one for a couple of months. Learning how to empty myself[…]

Andrew Martin

The Current Eclipse Corridor

None of us will emerge unchanged by the energies of this eclipse corridor. Not just the two eclipses in February, but also the larger 6 month passage that culminates with two eclipses in August. It is not always required for us to understand what is happening at the level of logic/identity/mind. If the why is[…]

Rise Up

Rise Up. There is always a higher way. Choosing another perspective is the only way you can shift your current circumstances. Standing within the frequency of your obstacle binds you to it. When you want to create something new…choose again from another vantage point. Imagine that you are standing on a platform. The platform represents[…]

Down the Rabbit Hole and Up the Spiral We Go!

The healing sessions have continued and with each client they become more and more interesting and surreal and amazing. I don’t pretend to understand how it all works. I know that this path has been a series of baby-steps that have in hindsight amounted to a giant leap in awareness. It’s like I suddenly woke[…]