Andrew Martin Energy

Markers On The Path

This message first came through in 2015. I asked the guides for some insight on the powerful energies that we were receiving. I wanted to know what their point of view on this experience was. Amazing to me how we cycle through our experience and the same message can take on an entirely new meaning. “In[…]

The 2016 Solstice and Beyond

In many ways the year of 2016 seemed to be about restriction. So many of you have experienced the sense of being held back or fenced in. Others have experienced the sense of being completely lost. It has often times been frustrating as you couldn’t make progress in the way that you thought you should be[…]

The Lighted Ones

My QHHT Session and The Event

Recently I had my second QHHT session with a friend and colleague, Aurelian Rado. His site can be found here. Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy (QHHT) is a technique of hypnosis created by Dolores Cannon, which she developed and refined for more than 30 years in her 45 year career as a regressive hypnotherapist, working with[…]