March 9, 2021

Chaos & Light

🔌 In 2020, I pulled the plug on social media. It just wasn’t enjoyable anymore. Increasingly I saw shifts towards distraction and division. Not to mention the blatant commodification of the user’s attention and desires. 

While I was happy to be free from the social media matrix, I still  longed for spaces to share my thoughts, to ask deep questions, and to consciously connect with others who were also committed to their spiritual journey. 

So when my friends Lisa and Angela reached out to invite me to be a part of their online community, “Chaos & Light” I was intrigued. I was also initially reluctant. I had just unplugged, and as much as I craved community and connection, I still had trust issues! Lucky for me, I got over that and decided to join.

Chaos & Light, is an online conscious community where spiritual folks are collaborating, sharing, inspiring and learning with other like-minded and like-hearted people. It is amazing! 

You may have heard me mention the Chaos & Light Community before, and this time I am inviting you to join me there in my private “Andrew Martin Energy” group. Before you read the details below, I want to ask you some questions.

Are you totally over traditional social media?
Do you wish you could engage with others on a similar spiritual path without all the ads and politics and noise getting in the way?
Are you tired of social media communities that are basically just people screaming at each other?

🗝 When you join Chaos & Light, we will have the opportunity to connect there while having the benefit and support of the whole Chaos & Light Community.  In the spirit of full disclosure, these are affiliate links, but I really believe in this community. When you join, you’ll get access to my private group, as well as the numerous additional benefits and connections that are a part of the larger Chaos & Light Community.

🔮 I have found a really lovely place to connect and share in the Chaos and Light Community and I am happy to offer several options for joining.

👉🏻 Sign up now for a Monthly or Yearly membership to gain access to all of the basic features, plus attend many of the monthly gatherings, including an offering by me every quarter.

✨ Here are just a few highlights of the Community:

  • Access to the Chaos & Light Community members-only online spiritual community where you can enjoy new connections with like-hearted spiritual seekers.
  • The ability to create a profile, connect, and collaborate with other members, and be inspired by the Chaos & Light Community Muse Feed.
  • Access to start or contribute to discussions in the Chaos & Light Community  members-only Forum satisfying your longing for in-depth discussion on topics that light you up.
  • Ability to join and engage in my group as well as many others including: meditation, Rumi, Indigenous Wisdom and the Divine Feminine, and even a vegetarian recipe share group!
  • Access to free resources such as articles, podcasts and guided meditations that engage your curiosity and expand your heart and mind.
  • With a premium membership you’ll have the option to join me for a members-only quarterly event, as well as many other community gatherings such the Living Light Meditation Gathering, Monthly Intention Series, book club, conversations in consciousness and much more. 

🧘🏼‍♂️ Monthly Membership – Begins with a 14 day risk free trial. $14.99/month

  • Includes all of the above benefits
  • Can be cancelled anytime.

💚 Yearly Membership – Begins with a 14 day risk free trial. $111/year

  • Save $68 off of the monthly membership price
  • Includes all of the above benefits

Not quite ready to go all in, but still want to be part of the Andrew Martin Energy group? 

🌸 Join for free with a Basic Membership and receive all of the above benefits except for access to monthly gatherings and events. You can upgrade any time to receive the full benefits of the community.
*Please note: With a basic membership you will need to pay a la carte for any events/gatherings you wish to attend. The Basic Membership does not include free access to community gatherings or my quarterly events.

I’m really excited about what we’re building, and I look forward to connecting with you in the Chaos & Light Community!

Love, Andrew

****Please be sure to join the Andrew Martin Energy group once you join.**** 

P.S. Check out some of these links if you have more questions or want to learn more. 
Group/Community Guidelines & We Believe Statements
Upcoming Events
Privacy Policy & Terms of Service