Choose More of What You Desire

I’ve got a challenge for you this week! Watch the video to join the challenge and say “Yes” to consciously creating more of what you want. One of the things I see a lot in my work is people inspired to make change but paralyzed by the “how” of making it a reality. What I am challenging you to do this week is to decide on ONE thing that you want more of (freedom, creativity, satisfaction etc) and then find a way to choose it at least three times every day. Source/Spirit/The Universe/God doesn’t care if you’ve chosen it in a teeny tiny way or a massive way. For example, the vibrational experience of freedom is always the same whether it’s as simple as the freedom to choose chocolate over vanilla or the freedom that comes with self employment. You’ve gotta show up and claim what you want first in order to receive more of it.








2 thoughts on “Choose More of What You Desire

  • Hi Andrew,

    I just came back from representing on a day with family constellations here in Holland, One of the group members mentioned your name and after watching 3 videos Iam totally blown away. You got so much power and your so authentic and real all you say and your your energy resonates . Ultimatly gratefull for the gift I received today from my friend telling me to look at your website!

    Hope to see you in Amsterdam in the future, and will sure get involved in your soulexpansion sessions.

    Just listening to you lifts vibrations!


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