June 7, 2019


Thank you for being like the friend who patiently lets me stomp and cry when I need it. Then steps forth with a glitter megaphone and belts a duet with my higher self. Beckoning me to open the door to a new paradigm. Thank you for catalyzing the tipping point as the flint to my spark. Thank you for being brave enough to hold space for my resistance. Thank you for resting in your grounded knowing of truth. Until next time dear friend, mirror, teacher, courageous being of light...” – Susan G

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The core of my Mentorship Program is grounded in your relationship with yourself. Although you will certainly heal in the process, this isn’t about healing as much as it is about transformation. The value of healing is that it returns us to a previous state where we were not broken or in pain. When something is broken, or when pain is present, it must be healed. 

Healing, however is only the first step. Healing is what opens the door to Transformation. Transformation is the process of moving beyond the past. It is leveling up to a new way of being. Transformation carries you over the threshold of your history, your pain, and your limitations. 

You already are what you want to be. My job is to help you excavate the version of you that is buried under the fear, conditioning, and programming you’ve either inherited or adopted. Only you know what truth feels like, and your truth is the doorway to everything you desire.

Mentorship is an opportunity to partner together over a longer period of time. It’s a process where we dive deep to clarify and refine. It’s a chance to dig beneath the static and the noise so you can get crystal clear on what is really going on. You don’t have to have the answers. All you have to do is be willing. Simply show up. That’s it. The journey begins by meeting yourself where you are. Click the button below to book your free 30 minute intake call so we can chat.

Mentorship Sessions are offered in packages of 12 appointments. Each session is approximately 60 minutes long. You’ll also receive an MP3 recording of each session. Your investment for 12 sessions is $2400.00 

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