Communication via the Heart

sunrise***I had NO idea that TLO were going to provide this new skill for us to practice today. They generally haven’t given this type of information via these messages. The “heart screen” practice that they give at the end of the message was one that I started picking up on a few weeks ago during some healing work I was doing with a client. I have been practicing this myself over the past few weeks and have been getting better and better at it. I now have a basic, but pretty extensive language of symbols I am using to communicate with them. Clearly they see that we have crossed a very important threshold and are ready for more practical tools. It’s very exciting and I can’t wait to see what they send through next!

The energies of the past few weeks have been intense and sublime. Even those individuals upon your planet who could be deemed as “still asleep” have noticed them. There have been new frequencies anchored within your cellular bodies and upon your planet that are unlike any that you have experienced in this lifetime. Your bodies have undergone magnificent transformations in the past few years that will only continue as you become physically able to house purer and higher frequencies of Love and Light energy. The changes that your human bodies are going through are without precedence. We know that many of you are aware of the shift that is happening to your physical vessels and we want to congratulate you and give you much credit for the work you have done! You have cleared and allowed and breathed and anchored through wave after wave of incredible energy that has washed away so much of the lower frequencies. There have been times when you have not been sure if you could go one more step. There have been moments when you were sure you would be washed away by the intense waves of Love and Light coming to you. You have been watched over and protected by so many of us who are very excited and eager to see this transformation continue. We want to remind you that we are always with you and that all you have to do is call upon us and we are here to help.

We want to remind you that you have a say in this process, Dear Ones. For even as this plan is set into motion on a grander scale, your free will remains intact. When it gets too intense, ask us to please turn it down a notch. When you feel that you need help, ask us and we will respond. This is a co-creative endeavor and we rely upon your feedback to keep us in check so to speak. We remind you that many of us have not been in human form and our understanding of what it is like to house the intense energies of Love and Light in a human body is merely academic. Of course we can see the frequencies within your bodies. We can see the energetic signature of all upon the planet and in turn the energetic signature of the planet as a whole, however in many cases we cannot accurately measure the physical symptoms that accompany this process. We only ask that if things get too intense or too uncomfortable that you let us know and we will oblige. Many a moment has passed in the past few weeks where our scribe, our brother our friend has proclaimed “Whoa, dial it down a notch please! I can’t just sleep and meditate all day!” (laughter) We appreciate his candor and his honesty. We are every eager and excited to see this process continue, and yet we understand that there are practical matters to be attended to in your day to day Earth lives.

As the portal of the Spring Equinox approaches, these energies will continue to grow and intensify and it is very important that you get used to speaking your truth and telling us what you need and how we can be of service to you.
Our point here Dear Ones, is that in your new roles as Ambassadors of Earth, you will take your place as the powerful Creators that you are and it is time for you to step into that power and claim it! We have never seen you as anything other than our equals and our peers. There have been times where we know you have been “in training” so to speak, but your lineage is Divine and you have the respect and admiration of so many throughout the universe. This is no small feat to go from asleep in the 3rd dimension to awake and consciously aware of your powers of creation in the 5th dimension and higher in the blink of an eye! There are trees upon your planet who have taken longer to grow than you have! (laughter) Believe us when we tell you that there will be a time in the very near future when you will be able to see what you have done within the context of a greater scale and you will marvel as we have at the magnificent transformation that you have chosen to undergo! There were many souls who did not want to incarnate on Earth at this time because they knew how turbulent and taxing it would be and they were not strong enough to handle it! You, Dear Ones, are the strongest and the bravest among us. If we wore hats, we would take them off in respect to you (laughter).

So back to the point of this message Dear Ones. We want you to see that you are now equals in the galactic line up of families of planets. You are no longer asleep. You are now a powerful force of Love and Light that is among the greatest and we urge you to begin to believe this and to integrate this belief into your Now! Have you not noticed how in tune you are through your heart centers now? Have you not noticed that you identify less and less with the old limiting thoughts and beliefs of your outdated 3D ways? Have you not noticed that your hearts now speak to you directly and that it has evolved beyond just an inkling or a knowing and now it is a full fledged conversation that you are having with us and with your higher selves via your hearts?

This is no mistake Dear Ones, this is the way of your future selves. You hearts are the doorway to all that you desire. We have spoken to you about this before and it has been more than a metaphor. Your heart space is literally your conduit to the higher frequencies. It is literally your new mode of communication. To create from and to communicate through the egoic mind will soon become as obsolete as your land line telephones (laughter)
The speed and the clarity of communication that comes from the heart is the way of your future. It is the entrance into a new age of energetic and telepathic communication. It is how all of us who are in the higher dimensions and who are off planet at this time communicate with you. What once was seen as a frivolous and flighty way of communicating is now the gold standard of how to live your lives. We have said it before and we will say it again “Feeling is Believing”. For when you communicate through your hearts you not only communicate ideas and concepts but you also tie them to their feeling frequency and that is where the power is, Dear Ones. In the feeling of it! We were not joking when we said “If it doesn’t feel right for you then it is not right for you”. We were speaking to you in the truth of how you will all communicate in the very near future.

So tell a new story, Dear Ones! Forget the old ideas of I can’t and I shouldn’t and some day when…You have always been more powerful than you know and now that the truth of that power has been revealed to you it is time to discard your reluctance to use it and to claim it! We understand that in your history of this planet many times power was associated with manipulation and control and so of course many of you recoil at the words “power” and “powerful”. That has been by design so that the few could keep you afraid of being powerful.

But aren’t you tired of that story, Dear Ones? Aren’t you tired of the re-run of the old ways? Aren’t you bored to death of telling and re-telling the old limiting beliefs of how you were once oppressed and how your power was once kept from you? We know that you are as we feel it in our hearts as we know that you do too. So again, we remind you that those old stories are only kept alive by your insistence to keep them alive. We are now at a point where the only way you can continue to stay limited and small is by your choice to do so. We will, as always, honor your choice of free will, and we love and watch over you regardless of what you choose. We just want to insist that you acknowledge that you are choosing to stay limited. There truly are no limits to what you are capable of, Dear Ones. The sky is the limit!

We will give you an easy way to begin to communicate through your hearts. Close your eyes and center and tune into your heart space. Imagine in front of your heart center, about six inches away from your body is a screen. Now imagine that you can type a message on that screen by first feeling it through your heart. Start with something easy. Feel the vibration of Love and once you have tuned into the feeling of Love, direct that feeling towards the screen in front of your heart and see the word “Love” appear on the screen. Now feel the vibration of joy and direct it to the screen and see the word “joy” appear. Now feel the vibration of the word “freedom” and do the same. At first you may think this a bit odd and it might take some getting used to before this feels natural. The important key here is to always feel it first, and then see the words appear. See it not with your mind, but with your heart. Practice this as you would any other skill. Be patient and easy with yourself as you learn this new way of communicating. At first for many of you, this will be easier to do with your eyes closed and that is perfectly alright.

Once you have been able to envision and see this heart screen clearly you can begin to identify more complex feelings and emotions and concepts. Once you feel you have become comfortable with this idea, we want you to know that on the other side of this screen…on the other end of the line so to speak is your higher self. Your higher self is your partner in this game. Your higher self will be able to tune into the feelings and see the words that you project on the screen. Once you have gotten used to sending, it is time to begin learning how to receive messages via the heart screen.

Tune into your heart center and see the screen as a blank one. Set your intention that you are now communicating with your higher self and ask your higher self to send you a simple message from the heart. Whatever you see appear on the screen is the message. Find the feeling place of that message and let it resonate within you. Do not question if you are receiving clearly or not, just trust that what appears is true.
Here is another point…for some of you you may communicate with images or icons rather than words. Symbols are the language of the soul and of the heart and are a language of their own. If you see a heart shape instead of the word Love, you can rest assured that this is the symbol for Love. If you see a symbol or a shape that you do not understand, simply ask your higher self to show you the word that is associated with that symbol. This will be a learning process like any other, so again, we urge you to be patient.

This is your new language Dear Ones, this is the language of the Heart. Practice this as often as you can. Integrate this into your daily routine as you would with your practice of meditation. It only takes a few minutes each day and we promise you that the heart learns much faster than the mind does! Before you know it, you will have a full roster of symbols that you can speak with from your heart screen and you will be having very long, meaningful conversations with your higher selves! As always, use your sense of discernment…if it doesn’t feel true, it is not. If you feel you are communicating in a way that is not comfortable for you, proclaim that you are only allowing communication with beings aligned with Source and from Love and Light. Don’t forget that you are powerful and Divine and nothing can override your free will!

This is the way of your future selves, Dear Ones. Begin to understand that communication from the Heart is more powerful than you have ever known.
Practice this and begin to use this as your default mode of communication. Even if you encounter another human that doesn’t seem to be centered in their heart, you can still tune into your heart screen to begin to see more clearly about this person and their intentions or why they have crossed your path.
We are very excited for you to know this, Dear Ones! That is all for now…and we think that it’s enough (laugher).

In love and light we leave you.


The Lighted Ones.

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