The Current Eclipse Corridor

Andrew Martin
None of us will emerge unchanged by the energies of this eclipse corridor. Not just the two eclipses in February, but also the larger 6 month passage that culminates with two eclipses in August. It is not always required for us to understand what is happening at the level of logic/identity/mind. If the why is important, then we’ll be given that too. I am sharing this info with the intention of shedding some light on what’s shifting right now and over the next 6 months. Much of what is happening is occurring at levels that are far outside the realm of the mind’s understanding. Often we are feeling our way into it in spite of what may seem “logical” or “rational”. More than ever before our innate connection to our own guidance will take us through these uncharted waters. Success is guaranteed, it is written. How we choose to get there is what we are writing now. As always, take what resonates and leave the rest.

The Current Energetic Corridor
Major nervous system upgrades and re-writes as the Schumann Resonance is spiking to levels that are higher than have ever been recorded. The eclipses and full moon of February kick off a 6 month period propelling us to deeper levels of self understanding that is capped off by two more eclipses in August. The magnetic field of the Earth is shifting, astrological alignments that haven’t been seen in many years are occurring, CMEs, and the tidal wave of energy that the collective has been building as we begin to unite in ways we never have before are all adding up to be a huge game changer.

New Levels of Awareness
Our individual work has given us access to planes of being we haven’t inhabited as humans in a long time.  As always this is relative to where we are individually at any given moment. One person’s awakening is another person’s day to day normal awareness. Comparison and judgement of ourselves and others as more or less awake is unnecessary and only leads to suffering. We are waking up to our own unique divine blueprint which has nothing to do with another person’s. This is about our orientation with our truth. We are the only ones who know what our truth feels like and it is our sovereign duty to honor that.

It Must Be Loved
There is no wiggle room any longer to continue to indulge our fears, our insecurities or doubts. We certainly may still have the experience of those fear based emotions, but we can no longer allow them to hold us back. Whatever it is that has been keeping us stuck, whether consciously or unconsciously is coming to the surface now and it will not move until it is acknowledged, loved, and released. When you curse it you claim it, when you love it you set it free. The very thing that we may be afraid to face, accept, or do is the very thing that will untether us and allow us to climb higher. Sovereignty is our divine birthright and we can no longer cling to the small self out of fear of expansion or loss of the familiar. The time has come for us to claim what we came here to do.

Your Unique Recipe
The concept of “raising our vibration” often times keeps us locked in struggle as if there is a “wrong way” or a “right way”. Ultimately there is only the way that works for us. We have the tools and the knowledge and now we are tasked with figuring out our own way. It’s like a kitchen that is stocked with every possible ingredient. We may not need or want them all, so we just have to use what is appropriate for our own requirements in the moment.  While there are certainly things that can help us get clearer and maintain our energetic clarity – sound bowls, salt baths, crystal therapy, communing with nature, purifying our diets, etc. The truth is that the most profound way to elevate ourselves energetically is to go within and acknowledge the stuff that is asking for our love and attention. The increase of our vibration happens as a result of our willingness to do our own inner work. We can’t get around it. The sticky, shadowy, aspects of self/collective must be loved and shown as much compassion as the bright, shiny, beautiful aspects of self/collective. The only way up is in. Don’t forget to laugh, sing, dance, and move. Spend time with those you love, get a massage, cook a nice meal, take time to enjoy the pure, simple, things.

The Chakra System is Changing
The transformation of the chakra system is in full swing for many of us. The traditional 7 main chakras are no longer necessary as we expand our light body. They are now an outdated model. In our previous form of dense 3D human, the partitioning of our energy flow was necessary for the energy to move through our dense selves. Now that we are transforming more and more into our light body selves we see the chakras shifting too. The lower 3 (root, sacrum and solar plexus) are morphing into a singular energy center which we are calling the Center of Manifestation. The Heart and throat are merging into the Center of Expression and the 3rd eye and crown have merged into the Center of Communication/Reception. I feel that we will continue to see our energy centers shift as we eventually expand into a singular energy center which will be the shift into the light-body self.

The Path of Service
Those who are currently on the path of service may see themselves being called in a new direction. Our work is changing, our practices are changing and our clientele is changing too. We are seeing relationships dissolve and we may also be moving geographically. We are shedding our skins like the sacred serpent. Even if what we’ve been doing has been serving us quite well for a long time. If there’s another level of awareness we have access to now, we must step forward into it. We won’t necessarily have to give up everything, but we must be willing to give up everything. If we have been keeping our “spriritual work” on the sidelines or in the closet, we may suddenly find that everything comes to a screeching halt until we begin to integrate it into our central focus.

Relationships Are Shifting
Family, romantic, and business relationships all are undergoing transformation. We cannot hold ourselves back in the hopes that those we love may catch up or awaken. Many relationships were not meant to last beyond this point. We must honor the truth that everyone on the planet at this time has their own unique path to walk. They must be given the space for their own unique expression just as we were. We can no longer set ourselves on fire to keep another warm. Clinginess, desperation, co-dependency, dishonesty, denial, victimhood, etc. will all be brought up front and center. We are no longer able to diminish ourselves or live trying to please another or receive approval from others. We may also find ourselves connecting in divine partnerships. New relationships or seeing relationships go to a deeper level of connection (platonic and romantic) will also be occurring for many of us.

New Leaders Are Emerging
Many of the established lightworkers and spiritual communities will be called to challenge their own perceptions of what is acceptable or correct. The old ways of doing things may no longer be relevant. The Truth is always Truth, but the way that we access it, receive it and express it will change. Dogma is dogma no matter where it comes from. We do not require approval to do the work we came here to do. The need for approval is the death of truth. Many of us are expanding into new areas of work and are intuitively creating new modalities. Seeking approval from the external world will always limit what we are creating. There is no blueprint for what we are doing, so to use the old model as a measure of success is pointless.

Collapse of Time
The only reason anything ever exists is that Source seeks expansion through experience. The death and collapse of the old is required for the emergence of the new. Destruction and Creation are two sides of the same coin. Now as we move into the phase of transformation beyond healing, we are exiting the duality cycle of death/rebirth and see that everything is always evolving and expanding. Creating and living outside of time is inevitable as linear time is also a construct of the old. As we remember how to create in the eternal now, we see that the destruction of the old and the emergence of the new is a simultaneous experience. We no longer require the sluggish, linear, experience of the death cycle followed by a lengthy rebirth cycle. We see this playing out on the world stage as those who would keep us locked in the dark are finding that their attempts to do so result in an almost spontaneous emergence of the very thing they were trying to prevent or resist. The time for shenanigans is quickly coming to an end.

Personally I am seeing huge shifts in all areas of my life. The physical symptoms of this shift have me feeling often times like I have no skin! Lower back pains, hip tightness, and major changes in sleep patterns. The currents of energy running through my body are off the charts as are the sounds in my ears! Meditation isn’t required daily as I find myself living and being in a meditative state most of the time. I’ve given up coffee and meat and almost all sugar due to my body physically rejecting them. I am moving back to NYC in April, much to my surprise. My work is shifting yet again. The energy work has taken on a much larger role in my one on one sessions. This energy work is wholly intuitive, I have no name for it. It’s a combination of sound work, intuitive insight, and breath work. It is powerful, profound, and transformative. The feedback I am getting from clients has been remarkable. I am shifting more and more towards group work and the monthly Soul Expansion calls continue to create powerful fields of energy that are bringing in tremendous shifts for all involved. I find myself yet again in deep transformation with personal relationships. No area of my life has gone untouched by this current corridor of energy.

As of March 1st, my rates are going up. If you’d like to book a session at my current rate, then please book it by March 1st. The Soul Expansion Series for February continues on each Sunday this month. Part 1 of this 4 part series was incredible. The energies and information that came through were unlike any I have experienced yet. The next 3 are going to be powerful too. When you sign up for the remaining dates you’ll also receive the MP3s of the previous sessions. Click here to register for the remaining sessions.

I know that right now things seem chaotic and topsy turvy and that is by design. Often times in order to reorient ourselves in a new direction, a period of complete disorientation is required. Stay calm, connected, and in the state of neutral curiosity whenever possible and let the flow carry you.

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7 thoughts on “The Current Eclipse Corridor

  • Getting off coffee has been difficult for me. I have switched to decaf.
    Is that just as bad? Why is tea ok to drink when it is also has caffeine?

    I have been able to cut out meat…I do eat fish. I was a big meat lover but was very surprised that I could make the switch.

    Thank you for this article! Very helpful!

  • Thank you for this.
    My heart wants me to exit the system, but creating the life I want to lead is bringing up a lot of fear, insecurities and old beliefs.
    I have to ask for help and support in a venture which will put me in the line of judgement from others (one of my fears) and also fear of failure.
    Your words have been reassuring to me.

  • Andrew,
    Thank you so much for sharing this?
    I’ve heard different channeling’s suggesting different ascension symptoms but yours are precisely what I feel in my body. It’s been maybe almost 3 weeks with the last week of eclipses incredibly intense .
    I resonate so much with the physical symptoms. All of it. Even the missing skin around my shoulder? my nerves and muscles are so intense and fired up.
    It hurts to even slightly touch my skin around my neck and shoulder, Sometimes in the evening I feel like I’m losing my mind because the pain can get so intolerable.
    I do my best to stay in my power and in my positive vibrational thoughts, being so careful what not to send out to the universe in the response to the discomfort ✨It in itself is so challenging to stay in the positive while in pain.
    Bed, floor, salt bath, repeat.
    I know where my truth is , I know my connection to source is the truth of all that is. I know that my body is changing & rebirthing. But Ouch mama.
    I have also had little appetite and when I am hungry I actually prefer lean meat and raw honey . Warm soups and cooked foods. So different than my previous Raw vegetable cravings ?!
    My lungs feel restricted at times with oxygen. Like pneumonia. Been taking marshmallow herb and it’s helpful we’re going outside for walks and breathing in our cold temperatures here in Canada
    I try to spend most of my day in my power so I’m not consumed by the restlessness of what my body feels .
    This is all of divine creation of source and all a part of our rebirth and i send love here all day long to hold my head up high for my girls and my husband so they don’t worry too much & prevent them from asking me to go get checked by a practioner or a dr??
    They do know what the truth of source of creation, as we are completely open book here in our home sharing the divine truth . they do know that we’re going through light body upgrades ,they also know that the frequency of the planet is changing and it’s affecting all of us.
    But it’s still mom, and she has not been to work in three weeks because of her nervous system & pain.
    This is not been an easy time…
    I hope this ride comes to an end soon enough so I may enjoy the new frequencies to play with in a more uplifting, inspiring and creative way where I can step back into my physical body feeling re energized
    I’m ready to make change happen wherever I can be of service .
    Thanks for listening ?
    Peace love light and cheers to moving right along ✨??

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