December 2016 Energy Update – Have You Let Go Yet?

In this update I wrap up the energies of December and the end of 2016. Lots happening with our emotions, our identity and our energetic attachments. Oddly enough, the message is a perfect book end to the message that I shared at the beginning of the year! We close out the month in the same way we started it, mastering the simplest of lessons.
When you get down to it, the meaning is so clear: Let go, or be dragged.
All of this, plus a preview of what’s on tap for 2017 in the final video for 2016!

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!!


5 thoughts on “December 2016 Energy Update – Have You Let Go Yet?

  • Thank you. I retired from my Kaiser job 12/23 at 63. Letting go is happening. What is next will be revealed when the next step is ready to be taken in this cosmic experience.

  • YES!!!! LET GO & TRUST!<—Has been my mantra for awhile now. Thank you Andrew for making your videos. They are very inspiring & help tremendously!

  • This video really helped me immensely, watched it several times. Thanks, happy new year. Please advise if you end up coming to France for any seminars etc.

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