December 2017 Energy Transmission – Mastering Mastery

Here we go, rounding the corner on the end of 2017! Man, this year has been no joke, and November wasn’t exactly a walk in the park either. December comes in opening up space for us to sit in deep connection with ourselves. We’ve arrived at the new frontier, but we still are sorting through the remains of 2017 trying to get it lined up. Sometimes the beginning is just as confusing as the ending. We’re moving into 2018 (an 11 year) with our Master Creator abilities restored, but we’re still figuring out just exactly how to use them. Fear not, I’ve got some insight, questions, and a powerful affirmation to help you navigate the transition from this 12 month cycle into the next.


4 thoughts on “December 2017 Energy Transmission – Mastering Mastery

  • You spoke directly to my soul. I have been struggling between being present and wanting to escape. (Literally feels like being in a meditative pose while my emotional self is tearing itself away in a gett up and run for your life pose). Thank you! I needed to be told to be tenacious, to allow my feelings…AND reminded that some of my old wounds are healed and its okay to recognize and see a dead end for what it is. An end. I dont need to put that road back under construction, or build a bridge. I can be present and allow for a new road. Amazing. I was feeling very alone. You sat down and said, Boo you are not. Peace

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