Eclipse Corridor – Defenses Continue to Crumble

The corridor between eclipses is always powerful. The defenses that so many of us have built around our hearts are continuing to crumble. This is a beautiful expansion of the Heart field of our selves, the collective and the planet. This also means that vulnerability, trust, openness and the willingness to be seen as we are is required if we want to receive the Love that is here for us. The path right now is asking for levels of surrender that can feel terrifying to the mind. Letting go of the stories of control, defense, and resistance feels huge. We often make our pain into a security blanket. We know it so well. Yet in order to release that pain from our fields and from our reality, we have to be willing to set it down and move on.


One thought on “Eclipse Corridor – Defenses Continue to Crumble”

  • Hey Andrew, love what you share with us. Could you please explain more about what you mean when you say “time lines are collapsing”

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