Your energy interface, May Soul Expansion and other cool stuff

The info that’s come through the past few weeks has been so fascinating. It’s been a lot about the shape, structure and color of our energy fields and how that can create our experiences. When there’s an internal shift, it changes the way we interface with reality and that shift changes our reality. Our ideal life isn’t an external destination. It’s an internal vibration.
A lot of this new info will be the topic of the May Soul Expansion.
The link to register is below.







One thought on “Your energy interface, May Soul Expansion and other cool stuff”

  • Andrew… I can’t wait to hear your Arcturian meditation. I had some communication with these wonderful beings recently and I totally get what you are saying about the Sacred Geometry of everything. It’s what I experience too. Light body activation is off the scale right now and my life is emitting such a different frequency now. I love what you do… I love it! XXX

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