July 20, 2016


  • Everything I do is built on freedom. I want you to learn how to create the life that you have dreamed of and the best way for me to help you is to be completely real and honest with you about what I see.
  • How do I do what I do? I am an Oracle for Spirit. Your seeking determines what comes through since everything that comes through is for you. I use a combination of Empathic, Clairvoyant, Clairaudient and Clairsentient abilities.
  • I always do my best to address all of your issues/questions. However, Spirit doesn’t always give us what we want to hear, but will always give us what we need to hear.
  • Making new life choices takes practice and dedication. It is not uncommon for me to give you homework. I firmly believe in providing not only insight and clarity, but also practical tools so you can begin to make the desired changes in your life starting today. 
  • People often wonder how I can connect over the phone or online. Everything is energy and it’s all connected. Whether you are sitting in the same room with me, or are a 1000 miles away. The intention to connect and bring through messages for you is all that is required.

*DISCLAIMER: Andrew Martin is not a Medical Doctor or Psychiatrist and the services provided are not a substitute for professional legal, financial, medical or psychiatric advice or care. One should always seek a Licensed Physician, Psychiatrist or Counselor for diagnosis and treatment. If you are in need of immediate professional assistance (i.e. doctor, psychiatrist, lawyer, financial advisor, etc.), please seek it.

You must be 18 years or older to purchase any of the services listed on this site. Personal choices and/or actions based on the content of your session or service are solely your responsibility. If you are currently facing a life crises, it is recommended that you seek appropriate professionals to assist you, as Andrew Martin is not responsible for your emotional or physical state of being.

You understand that by booking an appointment with Andrew Martin, you are paying for his time.

In the event that you are unable to make your appointment, 24 hour cancellation notice is required. If you cancel with less than 24 hours notice, you will be charged the full amount of the service booked. In the event that Andrew Martin has to reschedule your appointment you will be given the option to: A) Reschedule your appointment to the next available time that works for you. B) Receive a full refund for your session. If you are running late for any reason, Andrew Martin will hold your appointment for 10 minutes. After that you will need to reschedule and you will be charged the full amount of your service. There is a 5 minute grace period with all appointments. If for any reason you feel that the appointment is not what you expected, you have the option to cancel within the first 5 minutes for a full refund. There are no refunds available once your appointment has been completed.

By booking a session or a reading with Andrew Martin you agree to these terms. These services are for entertainment purposes only and are not meant to replace any professional in the fields of medicine, law, psychiatry, career or financial planning. In the end you must take full responsibility for your own choices and always consult a professional for any conditions, health concerns, or mental and emotional issues you may be experiencing.