February 2017 Energy Update – Re-weaving the Selves

As we continue to re-enter the matrix in February, many of us find ourselves unsure of exactly how to proceed. The re-introduction of our full selves focused through our human experience can be confusing. Just like when we first leave home and strike out on our own at a young age. We find ourselves asking “Do I live according to what I’ve been raised to believe is true or do I create my own rules?” We’re figuring it out in real time, just like we did as young adults. This is all new for us in many ways but we’ve got the tools and knowledge, now it’s time to live it. It’s up to us to define our experiences through our beliefs, our choices and our actions. Nobody else has the answers for you. Nobody outside of you can define your experience now. So what do you do with your new found freedom? I cover all of this and more in the February 2017 Energy Update.


6 thoughts on “February 2017 Energy Update – Re-weaving the Selves

  • Hi Andrew,

    Thank you for sharing. I resonate deeply with what you have been talking about…even down to my right hip and lower back being in pain and feeling so exhausted all the time. I know this is because I am no longer in alignment with the workplace I am in, but feel stuck there for as long as I can’t find other work that sustains me. At least this one pays the bills. A part of me knows though, that I am prostituting myself. I do see another way, but there are of course no guarantees that it will work. I figure that I’m fucked anyway on the path that I’m on…I can feel that this company is going to self-destruct, so I know that I need to step into the gateway that is open for the next 6 months. Trusting that I am going to be ok when I take the leap, without a cent in my pocket and no way of knowing where the money is going to come for the bills, until I navigate a new way, is another thing!! It was helpful to remember what you said about leaving home… Somehow, I made it here….It’s a little scarier at 50 years of age, I won’t lie, but I know staying where I am is almost guaranteed ‘death’, or at the very least, illness which would leave me unable to work anyway….

    I’ll ‘see’ you on the other side of the gateway…

    Take care and thank you for the comfort of knowing that I am not alone in this…



  • You – this – is spectacular! Oh my lord, just keep being who you are being. You are so aligned, so grounded, so present. Thank you for demonstrating that, for demonstrating yourself, for love showing up as Andrew.

  • Just discovered you and of course the timing is perfect! Thank you for sharing. I will be turning to you for continued guidance. You articulated all that I have been experiencing ??

  • It’s funny Andrew. I moved to Seattle also in 1990 Jan. 17, my 25th birthday from Louisiana. We lived there at the same time! But then in less than 2 years I journeyed on and moved to Japan where I have lived since then except for two years back in US when I finished my MA in Economics at Temple Univ. in Philadelphia, then later lost… in Arkansas… then back to Japan in 1998 where I have lived since. What a long strange trip it has been. Best of luck in your move to NY. I’ve been following you since last summer and you’re great. You’re helping people with your gifts and all that you say really resonates with me and I find guidance in my Path in the energies your channel. Best Jim

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