The Gay Thing – Questions for my Gay Brothers

I’ve known intuitively that at some point I would begin working with gay men. The idea and the nudge to do it has come through my awareness several times over the past few years. It’s never quite felt like the right time, until now. I am not sure where this path will lead me. I only know that it’s time for me to start opening a dialogue with my gay brothers and to start showing up in service. So I am starting this video series with some questions. Do you feel at home in your life? Is what you have what you want? Are you walking the path of your purpose? Is the way that you feel about yourself, your relationships, your body, your life something you feel good about? Is it authentic? Can you look yourself in the eye and say that you’re happy? That you’re living your truth? That you honestly know who you are? Does your life feel like paradise? This is only the beginning of a new journey together.



2 thoughts on “The Gay Thing – Questions for my Gay Brothers

  • A VIideo ALL PEOPLE MUST SEE but, yes, especially for the Gay Community. It is time to STRIP all of the “Gay Illusion” that has been “Brainwashed” into the community from day one! Thank you, Andrew Martin, for speaking TRUTH in a day when so many are refusing to listen! The LGBT Community, in general, will only be truly STRONG and WHOLE once it stops being the Victim and Defensive regarding all others (including those IN the LGBT Community istelf!)! Sexuality does NOT define ANYONE it is merely a preferance! As you wisely said, it is Our Interior Reality (inside) which defines EVERYONE on this planet, regardless of any person’s sexual preferance, religious beleifs, nationality, etc. BE BLESSED!

  • Andrew – WOW!! How powerful “The Gay Thing” I’m 51 and I can honestly say I am happy and comfortable with being a gay man. It took a lot of years and a lot of work, but it would have been SO much easier had there been an “Andrew Martin” to help. I love you and the message you are sending. Thank You So Much!!!!

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