Gold is Refined Through Terrific Heat

fall lightWe come to you at the close of another Earth year with great excitement and joy for all that has come to pass within you and in turn within Mother Gaia at this time. This past year has been one of great healing and transformation.
You are no longer the same as you were at this point one year ago. While from our perspective time is fluid and non linear we encourage you to use the last remaining days of this blessed year to reflect upon how far you have come.

For the most part we encourage you to always be in this moment now, and yet we know that this moment is a perfect one for you to reflect back. Close your eyes and find the stillness…once you have centered, we invite you to look back on the person that you were last year. While the changes are not always ones that can be measured with your physical eyes, we know that the feelings and the knowings are strong within you for we see them manifested in the beautiful, powerful, Light that is emanating from lovely Gaia at this moment. The Golden Light of The Christ Consciousness is so bright, so lovely, so magnificent! A beacon of Love and compassion that is anchored within you is lighting the way for those that are just now or who are continuing to wake up. You are so precious, so important, so needed at this time, at this moment.

As the end of this calendar year is drawing near we invite you to take another inventory of that which is within you Dear Ones. Use this upcoming transition into the new year as one to lovingly leave behind all that has served its purpose for you. Bless all that you have come through, bless all that you have released, bless all that has been transformed within and without. Lay those burdens of the past to rest. Let them go, let them go, let them go.

Those outdated, outmoded, old ways of thinking, feeling, being, doing that brought you to this point. Celebrate that whatever they were, they were created by you to show you the way to this moment. As we have communicated to you before, the only thing that allows them to continue are your attachments to them. Go within and ask your higher self to show you what remains to be transformed. Whatever comes to you in the form of pictures or sounds or colors are the clues to the last bits of the “old you” that remain.
Gold is refined through terrific heat. It takes great pressure to create a diamond! The purity increases as the flames of Love and transformation burn through the remainders of the heavier energies. You may find yourself still sorting through “older ideas” but we know that the power they once held over you is but an echo of a self that has been purified and transformed.

We know that as a 3rd Dimensional being there were patterns that had been ingrained within you and now it is only the memory of those old ways that remains. Consider that it is akin to coming upon an old path in the woods. The rational mind will tell you “this is the way that I know and so this is the way that is best”. Yet when you let your heart inform the mind we know that it will gently nudge you in the direction of your calling, of your passion, of the new, unexplored paths before you. Stand at the crossroads, stand at the intersection of the old and the new and see that the old ways have served their purpose and that the Light will grow stronger and brighter as you move up the new path. Judge not the old ways, just know that they were there so that you could come to the new place. The place of the heart.

As you finish the last few cycles of this year you will feel the knowing, the peace, the Light continue to grow. In those moments where the old 3D ways present themselves see them as an echo that is fading, a child that is at the end of its tantrum, a storm that has raged and is dying. Perhaps you may think of it in this way: The darkness only appears to get stronger as the Light gets brighter, but is only the magic of contrast that makes this seem so. When you see how bright the Light is, the darkness only seems to deepen. The last dregs of the old ways are being washed away within you…allow it Dear Ones.
We remind you that all is of The Light. Even the dark comes from The Light. The Sun does not curse the Moon, it lovingly gives its Light to it so that it may shine too. Do the same Dear Ones…see the dark for what it is. It is only a reflection that is necessary to show you how bright The Light truly is!
In the old 3D struggle of Good vs. Bad, there must be someone who agrees to be the “bad”. For if it were not there, you would have no way to make the comparison. And once you make the connections that all is of The Light, the dark fades away and the magnificent transition in to the New Earth can begin. It has begun within you, it is complete within you and so it is.

Love is all that is real, is all that lasts and is all that there is. Even the perception of fear can be viewed as a measure of how much Love is present in any moment. For when there is fear, there is always a beautiful opportunity to realize that there is still more room for Love. Let the Love and Light flow through you Dear Ones and as it continues to grow, you will become more and more accustomed to living in this vibration where all is Love and Light.
So take these remaining moments to find the last corners within that crave The Light and shine it upon them with the power of a thousand suns!
Celebrate your dedication and hard work Dear Ones, for without you this magnificent world would not be nearly as magnificent as it is.

In love and light we leave you.


The Lighted Ones.

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