Is the Why Important?

Often times in life we have no clear evidence of our next step other that how we feel. Oddly enough, as we come into deeper union with our divine aspects, we often get less and less in terms of the “why”.

We will all, at some point, be required to take a leap of faith. Is it enough for you to trust that your heart is always leading you towards your highest expression? Can you leap into the void to follow your calling without a clear idea as to why you’re called to jump?

You are not separate from that which you seek nor are you separate from the forces that created you. You are an extension of all that is. It’s impossible to abstract yourself from any of it. All that is is exactly that: All. That. Is.

In essence your lack of trust in your intuitive callings is merely a lack of trust in yourself. So if it is merely an aspect of you leading you through your life, then why do you need the “why”? You’re here because you wanted to be. You’re here as an ambassador of all that you are.

So trust that when you’re inspired to make a move, even if you don’t know why, that you’re not just divinely guided, you’re actually self guided. This is between you and you. Trust that you’ve given yourself everything you need for this moment right here. And know that if the “why” is important, you’ll be given that too.


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