January Update – Creating a Bigger Container

In many ways my work is like being a detective. Piecing together bits of information to get a larger picture. One thing is very clear, that the phrase “Create a Bigger Container” is the message of the moment! I hopped on IG and FB this morning to share some insight into what’s already up for 2019!
THE EXPANSION TIMELINE – https://bit.ly/2RlH0je
JANUARY ENERGY GATHERING MP3 – https://sowl.co/o47nB
MASTERY MENTORSHIP – https://bit.ly/2kt9Ta7
BOOK A SESSION – https://www.andrewmartin.energy/sessions
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One thought on “January Update – Creating a Bigger Container”

  • Hi Andrew

    Good evennig

    I am totally agree with you, mentally I was prepare to work , calling people, you knoe trying to making things happens but, the energy around all this in more for recharge, like been at home, chill reading, feeling like that scene en in my case I am having very interesting dreams, Maria Anthonette movie, when she was lying on the petit trianon yard doing nothing, well feel like that, I start hearing words, like observe, this is the process, or a image of a three with a voice in the background this helps to heal, this like that, I feel like I lost a year of my life, I am want to do something and at the same time I hear things like (you are trying to hard). Seem like there is a fine line btw Do the right work? or over do?

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