July Energy Transmission – Just Keep Going

It ain’t over til it’s over, and with eclipse season kicking off, it is FAR from over! So what’s the T for July? Just. Keep. Going. It’s not a battle between the heart and the head per se. It’s really about understanding that when we are in the mind, we are in history, limitation, and illusion. When we pause, connect, and allow our FULL presence to arrive, that’s when the game changes. But HOW, Andrew? If you watch the video, I promise you will find some practical tips on how to navigate this month.
Andrew Martin Energy
Hey, LA! Here’s the link to the Live Sound Healing Circle on July 6th! I’d love to see you! JULY SOUND HEALING CIRCLE – https://cutt.ly/Xzb1y4

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RUDE AWAKENING EXTENDED PREVIEW – https://youtu.be/eG0rp41xwdQ


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