July Update – Your Field of Knowing

The field of knowing exists beyond who and what you are from the human perspective. More and more this field is coming in to connect with us and make itself known. As things fall apart and we shed/release all that is incongruent with our Creator Self, we create room to embody our fullness. The new directions and insights that are going to begin coming in are directing us to the next phase of our journey. I have been guided to start making sound healing a more central part of my practice. In this month’s update, I offer up sound healing to connect you to that field.

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5 thoughts on “July Update – Your Field of Knowing

  • This was WONDERFULLY POWERFUL! Yes to the use of fire! Still some small issues with sound fading a bit but on my end I must say it was a huge improvement, thank you for making every effort to improve these sound HEALING sessions awesome! I give you my word as soon as I hit the Jack pot I will email you so I can share my winnings! 🙂

  • Hi Andrew, I attended your sound healing session on Aug 4th in DTLA. The after-effect was amazing, and I’m still talking about it two weeks later! That night I slept more deeply than I had in ages, which I somewhat expected because my friend said that might happen. What I didn’t expect happened the next morning. I woke up and felt enveloped in a warm peace, and all the chaos in my head was quiet. It was like someone put a muzzle on my gremlins. I had no running commentaries in my head, just pure peace. It was such a lovely feeling, and it lasted nearly all day. I just wanted to give you that feedback, and let you know I’ll be back for more when you return to LA!

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