March Energy Transmission – What the WTF? I Don’t Know!

March Energy Transmission! The big picture for March? I don’t know.
What’s in store? I don’t know.
What can we expect? I don’t know.
What I do know is that there’s a level of awareness that is ancient and familiar that has just opened up to me. It is the part of me that knows what I came here to do. It knows my purpose and my history. It is not invested in the opinions of others. It has no attachment to the comfort zone or the whims of my ego. So, in the midst of not knowing, I surrender to that.


3 thoughts on “March Energy Transmission – What the WTF? I Don’t Know!

  • Andrew, Guess Spirit brought me to meet you and view this video. Captivated by it. Just to be brief I actually wrote notes during your video and normally I hate watching videos over 10 mins. So, in case I’m supposed to give you these messages- you were correct: to do “honestly” video, realities (or I say “programs”) are breaking down, Faith and Trust are testing us, your work is/has been correct but it is now changing, the will to give up everything is Road to Ascension and it has been hitting us in stages and it takes Courage, we are physically experiencing new dimension now (for many it is actually affecting physical body). Doubt may be coming from Mercury retrograde which shadowed in before 3/1. Please think about these two ideas- Cobra has said we are all going to start moving into Soul families. That may be why I was led to your video. Second, I believe that the many types of Lightworkers now need a sort of rehab course to transition into the new dimensions. You are experiencing the difficulty now so from that you may be able to come up with suggestions for transitioning. Lastly, go to Law of Attraction for money solution; stop focusing on the lack to stop that vibration.

  • I stumbled upon your video last night….the timing couldn’t have been more perfect.
    Loved your authentic, humble, witty candour….there is great power in ‘not knowing’ and we must remember this when we are in the midst of it…especially in a day and age that almost demands that we know everything.

    And don’t lose that laugh…if you could bottle that up and sell it, you’d be rich beyond imagination.


    Renée Rocheleau

  • Hahaha I love you Andrew. I have been watching you for years and always appreciate your insights. I do what you do and although nobody watches my videos yet, I did mention you in my last one because your insights are right in line with me and my own teachings. When you talked about that online group and the cosmic codes OMG I was peeing. It is sooooooooo true. People NEED practical tools. You offer information that is relatable and inspires my own understandings. I am in the same boat as you financially but I am donating a little bit even if its 5 bucks for every video I watch that speaks to me. You are of value to me and you positively impact my experience and contribute to me with your insights and humor. xoxo Maybe one day one of my videos will inspire you. Love you!!! Never Change.

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