May 2017 Energy Update Live – Your Purpose Shapes Itself Around You

Once you’ve awakened to your purpose and said “yes” it begins to form around you. When you hear the call and you follow it, however you choose to follow it, your purpose shapes itself around you. It is always moving up. Energy is always expanding upwards and outwards. When you choose to follow the upward spiral (truth) then purpose shapes itself around your choices and uplifts you. When you are moving from fear or anger or lack, it’s a downward spiral catalyst, it’s like going down the up escalator. You are fighting like crazy against the upward stream.

When you are choosing the downward spiral you are choosing from the imbalanced ego and are trying to separate yourself.
When you are choosing the upward spiral you are allowing the heart to be your catalyst and you are moving to unity.
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  • WOW! Andrew… THANK YOU from my Source for your brilliance! I LOVE YOU XXXXXXX

    Sharing all you do with everyone I know! XXXXX

    You just described my journey… x

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