May 2017 Live Energy Forecast – Embodying the Light

May isn’t so much about what is happening, but HOW it is happening. Over the past few years, we’ve been retraining ourselves to see our being as light and energy first and then physical. The Light Body is very powerfully emerging after the big purges of the past few months. We can no longer create without tending to our energetics first. Things continue to be erratic as the old structures collapse, but that doesn’t matter as much now as long as we keep our focus on the Light Body. Energy has a structure to it. A shape. When you shift your energetic structure through vibration and emotion, you change the shape of your energy field and when you do that you begin to interface with reality in a new way. All of this and more in the May 2017 Energy Forecast.







2 thoughts on “May 2017 Live Energy Forecast – Embodying the Light

  • Hi Andrew,
    I love your videos!! I am starting a spiritual discussion group and want to include some of your information. Do you have a transcript of the May energy report?
    Thank you,

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