Merging Through Fluidity

Recorded from Facebook Live – This year has been MAJOR in terms of energy shifts and seeing the collapse of old stories and structures. I’m feeling like a new version of myself shows up pretty much every day. I know that we’re all being called to expand, expand, expand as all that we are continues to descend into our experience and offer a new perspective. So often words fail to describe what we’re going through. Especially since we are in totally uncharted territory. I mean look around, who really knows what to expect next? The info that’s emerging is about allowing ourselves to be fluid in our choice of perspective. This makes things a whole lot easier. Remember, we’re not in the flow…we ARE the flow. Andrew Martin Energy



2 thoughts on “Merging Through Fluidity

  • Thank you Andrew….I am always in awe of what you bring resonates perfectly with me right now, magic! I so get the part about the limitation of the mind, for me it becomes very physical in the form of headaches and I’m experimenting now with also expanding that limitation of my mind/head into a bigger space (yes literally mindblowing, haha) and the headaches resolve ……

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