November Energy Transmission – The Grace of Innocence

The past few weeks have been very strange. Finding myself back in places mentally that I haven’t been in years. Lots of old, tangled, heavy stuff asking for another turn on the merry-go-round.
This morning I went deep into meditation to see what I could see and the message came through so clearly and simply.
“Just let it all go.”
The fears, the doubts, the worries and old bouts of tug-of-war. Just let it all go. As soon as I did there was a rush of innocence and purity that washed in. A powerful influx of the divine self came in and it was suddenly all so clear and simple.
Right now is for getting back to the truth. Who are we without the belief that anything is wrong? Who are we without the story of being broken? Who are we without the idea that our desires are shameful or impossible?
November holds the promise of ease when we get back to basics.
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5 thoughts on “November Energy Transmission – The Grace of Innocence

  • Oh Andrew! Must be something in the air because you so eloquently described my last month and half to a tee! Thank you for your help, your divine guidance is a priceless and infinite gift. I want you to know from my heart I am so grateful for the love and insights you share. May you be blessed many times over for all the support and guidance you share.
    Your new place is beautiful, may you enjoy many happy times there, wishing you all the very best. I love you.

    • Andrew…I love you!
      I so enjoy your sharing, so raw, so authentic:)
      You are a mirror to a lot of us and am grateful that you do sure so openly and honestly.
      I too have been experiencing all you talk about, the old believes and patterns coming up to be seen, witnessed and loved.
      I’ve had to stop doing readings, in order to process…whatever “this is”, and it reassuring to know I am not alone.
      It’s like, when everything is taken away from me, or the old ways aren’t working…what am I left with?
      Having to find Value in just being “ME”!!!
      I am constantly reminded, what I do for myself, I do for the greater good for All!
      I am grateful for your presence Soul Brother.
      May you be Blessed! xo

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