October’s Mental Transformation

the lighted onesThese energies are mental! Literally! I mean, yes, they can also make us feel a bit insane, but the focus of the energies (especially over the past couple of days) have been very much directed at our awareness on the mental level. October is all about identity. The Energy Forecast videos I have created give a lot more insight to this. You can see them here.

The identity that we embrace (either through conscious choice or by default) becomes our script.  In any script there will be characters and each character has their own backstory and motivation. These backstories are a collection of beliefs, experiences, choices, values etc. We are being challenged to get really clear on the character we are playing and whether or not we want to choose a new script or not.

The mind and the body are generally the last two levels of awareness to catch up energetically (density is always a bit slower) and so in essence we are dealing with neural pathways and muscle memory. These things can easily be re-trained and reprogrammed, but it must be done consciously.

Right now the literal re-writing of the mind is calling us to delete our old files. The image that I got in meditation this morning was a huge, vast, library full of books and volumes and tomes. Shelves and tables from wall to wall and floor to ceiling stacked with info. Even little scribbles of hand written notes on scraps of paper and unfinished manuscripts scattered about. All of these represent thoughts, beliefs, stories, identities and choices of the old character(s).

October is not letting us hang on to the old stories and characters without a great deal of discomfort and frustration. At the same time, trying to create the new script in the midst of all of the old mental clutter is enough to drive anyone to the edge! Imagine entering a library to sit down and write a new story and being surrounded by dusty old books, crumpled up papers, stacks of books toppling over and giant sets of encyclopedias scattered everywhere. There’s no way anyone would be able to sit down and concentrate!

To give you another metaphor: Imagine that we’re trying to upgrade our processor (body and brain) to these super fast speeds and then update the software. Many of the old files and programs won’t be compatible anymore. They’re outdated and unnecessary. You’ve got a hard drive full of corrupt or inoperable files that are beyond repair. They’ve got to be dumped and deleted for your machine to be running smoothly and effectively.

This is where we are right now. We’ve got an upgraded machine and operating system but we haven’t fully gotten rid of the old content that is no longer congruent. These October energies are showing us each EXACTLY where we need to focus our attention. It’s like a big diagnostic scan and the error logs are precise and unforgiving. Some of the tweaks are minor and don’t really need to be fixed (sitting with ourselves and loving the shit out of our aspects that are still resistant) and some of them are requiring a deeper overhaul (Emotional Architecture anyone?) of our programming.

I was shown a quick and easy meditation to help us along this path. A lot of the stuff that we’re being called to clear out requires nothing more than simply our intention to clear it out. It’s as easy as vacuuming the rug. Some of it takes a bit more focus, but energetically we are SO supported right now because that’s what October is all about!

Before we get into the meditation though, I think it’s important to make the distinction that this isn’t necessarily about healing anymore. Healing implies that we are trying to take something back to a previous state. Like a broken arm becoming healed and unbroken.

The disconnect with the concept of healing is that #1 it implies that we are moving backward which we all know is not the case right now. #2 it implies that the previous state is somehow better or more desirable. Of course it makes sense mentally. An unbroken arm IS better than a broken one. However what we are in the midst of now is transformation!

We are not trying to take ourselves back to where we were. If so, then what the hell have the past 4 years of change been about?! We are expanding! We are growing! We are evolving! We are being asked to transform into the Divine Human. Not to move backwards to a previous version of ourselves. Yes, healing is important when it comes to old wounds and the “human” stuff, but the Divine Self doesn’t require healing. It is always in a state of expanding perfection.

Where we are right now is all about upgrading the small, limited, human self. Our Divine Self has raised the bar and the journey that we’ve been on has been all about letting go of the stuff that simply isn’t compatible in the higher frequencies. So, at some point we must surrender the idea that things can be healed and accept the truth that we are being called to transform. Healing moves us backwards. Transformation moves us forward. We’ve gone through the past (memories, experiences, relationships, wounds of this life and previous ones) and now we are being called forward and upward. So it’s time to let go of trying to heal what cannot be healed and allow it to be transformed.

Now about that quick and simple meditation!

Settle in and find your center. Do what you normally do to find your connection. It may help you to also meditate with some stones or crystals that support mental clarity and healing. I’ve been using Smoky Elestial Quartz, Celestite and Herkimer Diamonds lately, but use whatever you like. Or, use none at all…just do what feels right for you.

Set the intention that you are ready to release all old stories, beliefs, ideas, and scripts that no longer serve you.

Imagine that you’re seeing the huge library. See it vast and cavernous. Many rooms and hallways. Shelves and tables and nooks crammed with old books and notes and papers. They’re everywhere! Dusty and ancient. Many of which you have never read and have no conscious memory of. This library represents your brain and the culmination of every choice, thought, idea, and experience from this life and all others you have lived. It represents the corridors of the mind and all of its pathways and connections both hidden and seen. Take as much time as you need to really bring this image to life. Once you have the image locked in, imagine that the front doors burst open and a huge wave of light comes rushing in. It’s a river of light that explodes into the library! It pours in like a dam has just burst and it runs through every aisle, around every corner and down every hallway. It fills the space from corner to corner top to bottom. As it swirls through the space it picks up papers and books and all of the old stuff you no longer require. It’s powerful and intuitive. It knows exactly what to wash away and what to leave. Once it has reached the ceiling, imagine a big drain opening up in the middle of the floor. A giant whirlpool begins to form and it takes all of the old stuff with it as it swirls around the room. Feel the sense of excitement and joy as the old chapters go. Thank them and gratefully allow them to peace out!

Once the water has gone see the drain close. See now how the library is clean and organized and all that’s left are the things that you require.

I hope this helps. I really enjoyed doing it myself this morning and plan to continue to do it as often as I need to.

October is granting us a powerful window to continue this expansion. It’s time to know we have healed and that now we can step forth to claim this transformation with a clear mind and an open heart.

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