On the Topic of Love

Tmagenta heartoday we bring you a brief message on the topic of Love.
We have spoken many times on this subject as it is one of our favorites. Love is all that is and all that shall be.
We find many of you curiously hard on yourselves when it comes to this topic.
There are many of you who think that because your Love doesn’t look like you think it should, or because it doesn’t look like another’s version of Love that somehow you have not achieved it. We are here to say to you that while Love is an all encompassing vibration, there are many finer elements to the vibration of Love that exist. There are as many vibrational variations of Love as there are beings on your planet, and even more than that!There is the Love of a Mother to a child. There is the Love between two friends. There is the Love of a child to his pet. There is the Love of the tree to the sun, the rain and the insects that pollinate her fowers. Even these few examples do not come close to illustrating how many different ways there are to feel and to express and to summon the frequencies of Love.

Consider the three colors which you know to be the Primary Colors. From these three colors there are an infinite number of colors that can be created. A little bit more blue here and a little bit more yellow there and suddenly you have a whole new expression of color. The same is true with Love. There is the Love you can have for your spouse and for your friend and there is the Love that you can have for your fellow Human or the animals with which you share your planet. When you begin to combine and to mix the unique frequencies that each of you embody with the unique frequency of another soul or another being, you have created another unique expression of Love.

Love is infinite and boundless…it is formless and eternal. It is within, without…it is all and it is nothing. To compare your Love to the frequency of another’s is to diminish the beauty of your own unique expression. When you create from and build from Love what you make is always of the same vibration of Love and yet is always unique at the same time.
If you were to give a thousand people pen and paper and ask them to write of Love, each would have their own story to tell and each story would be valid and true. So why then do you assume that because your Love doesn’t look like another’s that it is not just as precious? Do not waste your energy and time for one more moment on comparing how you choose to express Love. Just feel in your heart and trust that your expression of the vibration of Love is real and true for you.

When it comes to Love there is only Love and when it comes to Love there are infinite ways to express it. When you are full of integrity and standing in your truth you are Love. When you are laughing until you cry and sharing your heart with another you are Love. When you are opening yourself to be intimate and vulnerable with another you are Love. When you are silent and still in honor of all that is, you are Love. There is no one who gets to decide what is the right way of Love…there is only the feeling of Love. It is the old adage that “you know it when you see it”. We would add, that “you know it when you feel it”. When you feel it, you know it and nobody can tell you that it is not Love when you know in your heart that it is. Do not let another tell you that you do not Love when you know that you do…feel the Love that resides within you and know that your unique expression is as Divine as another.
Your powers of creation are yours by Divine right. You need not justify or explain or defend that which you create. You are only to take responsibility for it.

In love and light we leave you.


The Lighted Ones.

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