Remain Curious About Now

Guidance, insight, epiphany, inspiration, clarity…it’s all only accessible in the present moment. it’s not back there in the past or somewhere out there in the future. It’s now. Only now.

There is no such thing as linear time. It’s a construct that we’ve allowed to persist to give us a way to mark progress in the environment of the Earth School. So the idea that it can be found anywhere else but now is an illusion. Tell me the last time you received a revelation about yourself while fretting about the future. I’d bet the answer is never.

The teaching of “Being In The Now” is not just some abstract hippy dippy bullshit. It’s the truth. You always have exactly what you require for your experience in any given moment. If you don’t have it right now, you don’t need it right now. And right now is not tomorrow or this afternoon or even an hour from now.

When we allow ourselves to come back to the present moment perhaps even in spite of our anxiety about the past or the future, the now magically begins to reveal exactly what it holds for you. If your head is full of noise or finds you totally distracted by your phone or the tv or your laptop or some drama you’ve attached to, you’ll never hear the voice of your inner guidance. The voice of your truth is small and still. It’s the calm, clear, waters in the hush of the morning. Even in the midst of external chaos, that voice is always even and true.

When you allow yourself to simply be curious about the present, you relieve yourself of the duty of having to fix, heal, change or figure any of it out. You can just be present, allowing yourself to breathe and be witness to whatever it is that is asking for your attention right now. There’s a reason that you’re present in this moment right now…why not allow yourself to be curious about what that reason is?


3 thoughts on “Remain Curious About Now

    • Great question! It’s a bit of a mind bending question, if we think about it. Like the question “is nothing really nothing?” Because if I call something Nothing, then I have given it a definition which makes it something. 🙂 The timeline is not so much a linear experience as it is a series of points within an experience. It’s like building a house. There are certain steps to building a home and to an extent they can happen in a variety of ways. However there are things like putting in the foundation that will occur before a structure can be placed upon it. The house can be built slowly and leisurely or it can be done more rapidly and in an accelerated way. It’s kind of a clunky metaphor, but I hope it helps clarify!

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