July 20, 2016


Oracle Card Reading

When you are looking for guidance and insight that’s a bit more old school, an oracle card reading is the way to go. Oracle cards are a powerful divination tool that open your connection to the field of infinite potential in a more concrete way. Using the cards to connect you to your divine insight, Andrew interprets not just the cards themselves, but the energy that surrounds them as it relates to your life and current circumstances. You can ask about anything that’s on your mind or in your heart.

An oracle card reading can:

  • Shed light on your current circumstances and provide you with deeper understanding
  • Open up your awareness to see the patterns and cycles in your life more clearly
  • Clear the noise of “mental chatter” allowing you to tap into your own inner guidance
  • Illuminate the big picture around your current questions
  • Provide insight which can give you context as to “why” things are happening
  • Eliminate uncertainty around big choices or decisions
  • Give you a glimpse into the potential of what’s around the corner
  • Provide clarity around your love life and professional relationships

Oracle card readings are $150 and are approximately 60 minutes long. You’ll also receive a snapshot of your card spread and an MP3 recording of your session if you wish.

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Sonic Energy Work

Andrew opens a space which invites the entirety of your being to join you where you are. He in essence creates a bridge, allowing your whole self to descend and anchor within your physical body and energy field. Using his multi-level awareness, he accesses the field of limitless potential which creates dynamic shifts in your energy field. Energy work sessions are a combination of vocal tones and intuitive insight. Energy work sessions are an intuitive, free-flowing, process and whatever is ready to be released or received will unfold. They are powerful and transformational.

Some things you may experience are:

  • Unlocking of cellular memory to resolve energetic blocks and physical imbalances
  • Shifiting within your energy field releasing stored trauma
  • Dissolution of limiting emotional patterns
  • Disconnection from outdated stories and beliefs, allowing new insight and clarity to emerge
  • Rewriting of the unconscious routines that often create resistance and suffering
  • The collapse of separation within your total self which further unifies you with your true essence
  • An increase in physical energy
  • A deeper sense of calm and well being
  • The clearing of energetic debris which can uncover your innate states of joy, peace, and ease

“I believe the most powerful thing we can do is to lovingly accept ourselves where we are right now. I have always hesitated to call myself a healer. I am not healing anyone. I simply open the door to allow your energetic essence to descend and unite with you in physical. You are the field of unconditional love and infinite compassion. I am simply here to reflect that back to you. I insist on your greatness. The work does not offer an escape from your experience, rather it gives you permission to be fully present in your current state. The energy meets you where you are. There is no requirement of you other than to show up with a willingness to receive. The work is not a cure or a fix, it offers an opportunity to merge with your total self, building a bridge between the human and the divine. As we are able to stand before ourselves and move into the complete acceptance of all that we are, the transformation begins.”

Energy Sessions are $280.00 and are approximately 60 minutes long. You’ll also receive an MP3 recording of your session if you wish.

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