July 20, 2016


  • The Basic Meditation

    The Basic Meditation is a simple, uplifting, meditation. This is a perfect meditation for beginners or anyone who hasn’t meditated before. The Basic Meditation also works well for experienced meditators who are looking to refresh their practice. At under 15 minutes, it’s perfect for when you don’t have a lot of time or simply want a shorter meditation. The Basic Meditation is a beautiful journey from body, to oneness, and back again.

    Length – 14:05
    Price $7.77
    As a gift to you, I am currently offering this meditation at no charge.
    Sale Price: FREE

  • Morning Meditation

    Rise and shine, Beautiful Ones! Morning Meditation is a journey of gratitude and joy using breath, awareness, and the power of the Sun. This is a perfect companion with the Evening Meditation. A meditation focused on your awareness using your breath to keep you balanced and centered. Morning Meditation is one of our favorites and we think it will be one of yours too.

    Length – 10:04
    Price – $7.77

  • Evening Meditation

    Evening Meditation is a a simple meditation that connects you to the fabric of life and lifts you from the stress of your day. Relax, unwind, and let your day slip away with the Evening Meditation. This mediation is the perfect partner with the Morning Meditation. Full of gratitude and insight, the Evening Meditation is a perfect way to end your day.

    Length – 13:27
    Price – $7.77

  • Love Chamber Meditation

    Love Chamber Meditation is a heart centered love fest. The Love Chamber Meditation immerses you in the healing light of the heart space. On our journey through life we are often called to be more loving and compassionate with ourselves. Learning how to feel the resonance of our heart is a powerful tool of manifestation. Attune yourself to the uplifting power of your heart with the Love Chamber Meditation.

    Length – 16:16
    Price – $11.11

  • Exiting The Cave

    The journey of Exiting The Cave was created with the intention of helping you release the old ways of the past. Often on our path we find ourselves confronted by outdated patterns and stories that no longer serve us, but that we can’t seem to disconnect from. Whatever it is in your life that you’re ready to let go of Exiting The Cave is designed to assist you in stepping across that threshold. Exiting The Cave guides you through a mystical journey from the underground cave of healing and transformation to the Divine light of rebirth.

    Length – 25:21
    Price – $11.11

  • Diamond Frequency Healing

    Diamond Frequency Healing is a powerful energetic healing. This is the same guided meditation that Andrew used in his Diamond Frequency Healing sessions with his clients. The Diamond Frequency Healing aligns the listener with the crystalline 12th Dimensional energies of the Diamond Frequency. The Diamond Frequency Healing energies invite us to release whatever it is that we are ready to release, and to receive whatever it is that we are ready to receive. Sit back, relax and enjoy the power of the Diamond Frequency Healing.

    Length – 15:40
    Price – $11.11

  • Meeting Your Spirit Guide

    We all have loving souls who have agreed to guide us through our lives. Meeting Your Spirit Guide introduces you to them. Andrew originally downloaded this meditation directly from his guides to be used in the Accessing Spiritual Guidance course he teaches. It was previously only available to students of this class. It is now also available as a stand alone meditation. Meeting Your Spirit Guide takes you down the path of meeting your spirit guide or guides directly and assists you in beginning a conscious relationship with your helpers in Spirit.

    Length – 19:11
    Price – $11.11

  • Morning/Evening Combo Upgrade

    Combine the Morning Meditation with the Evening Meditation and save with the Morning/Evening Combo Upgrade! Power up your day with the Morning Meditation and the Evening Meditation by purchasing the Morning/Evening Combo Upgrade. Both meditations are included in this purchase. You can be sure that your day begins and ends in a state of peace and balance with two of our favorite meditations.

    Length – 10:04/13:27
    Price – $12.12

  • Mega Meditation Pack

    Get ready to shift with the Mega Meditation Pack! Get all 7 amazing meditations and save over $10 when you purchase the Mega Meditation Pack! Almost 2 full hours of powerful, uplifting, guided meditations can be yours with this amazing deal. Harness the power of Spirit and say hello to healing and transformation with the Mega Meditation Pack!

    Length – 113:18
    Price$67.75 $57.57
    Save $10.18