Stop Being Spiritual

This thought has been with me for several weeks now. I find myself moving into a new space and asking some new questions. Is the idea of “spirituality” and “being spiritual” even relevant anymore? At what point do we cease seeking and just embody what we know to be true? Is it time to stop “being spiritual”?


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  • exactly what i am needing right now!! exactly where i have been trying to “go” thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!

  • Well yeah…I have always believed that we hold all the magical truth and the seeking or journey is really a grand prize ,indeed. So in a way we can say that we keep finding ourselves. But some don’t believe it when they see it or feel it in their heart. So the seeking continues. But with taking action or. Movement of some sort…the energy has a place to be or just waits for another place or soul to grab it.

  • Yes, we are Spirit beings, already found, not seeking, waking up, and growing up. Andrew, I’m in greater and greater respect with you.

  • It Def. was perfect and I love you more for it !!!! You are so right and it is just what I needed to hear TODAY of all days lol . I am so glad I found you and I am positive you are on the right track !!!NO DOUBT cant wait to hear more .

  • Exactly how I have been feeling that we are it now and have always been is inside us .we are descending all this energy into our bodies. Ascension is old stuff I never resonated with that term 😀

  • Thank you, great to listen to. These have been my exact thoughts over these past few months too. Naturally, because we are all interconnected.

  • Excellent, and right on time, Andrew! Thank you! We (especially energy workers) need to ‘walk the walk’ every day, Be-ing spiritual in everything we do, especially regarding our relationship to ourselves, other living beings and the environment around us. As you said, we are here to embody our spirituality, not seek it externally. Blessings, Love and Light!

  • Andrew thank you so much for your post. Your words really resonated with me on a profound level. Thank you for your honesty and presence. It’s a real gift and you are a gem. Bless you. Have a glorious day. Irena xo

  • so true. love what u had to say. appreciate your authenticity and honesty. to live in present time and to be present in your current experience. all intellectual thought is just white noise really. trust in the universe for the universe will look after us. look within, connect with our soul and our spirit. that is all. and so it is. namaste

  • Yes.. I think what are you’re partly saying is about identifying oneself as this or that. I feel that my conciseness is just getting wider, bigger, more layers to it?.. It’s a hard thing to express. I am more aware than I ever have been of the expansion and evolution of everything and we are just a part of that, so nothing is fixed, everything is in motion, everything is constantly growing, expanding and evolving… And so are we! And we always have been. I actually feel that we are all here, like all things are, to be the consciousness of the universe in all it’s enormous diversity. .. Love to you Andrew. XX

  • Brilliant.
    “If you’re not going to the top of the mountain to bring it back down to your day to day life, then what good is it?”

    Thank you , YES! I absolutely feel that this is a vitally important place for us to be in right now. In the NOW.

  • FANTASTIC. I agree with everything you said Martin & you have helped me understand where I am now. Was getting upset with myself as to why I did not want to go to ‘spiritual classes’ anymore, thought I was “loosing” my spirituality but knew inside that I did not need to go to these classes.

  • I, too, am coming to the same realisation. Thank you for articulating it so very well. Love to you and all always, Sara 💕

  • Huzzah! This has happened for me. I’ve moved away from the crystals and the cards and the healings and all the tools because it seems like I don’t need it anymore. I am the flow. I don’t need anything to help me get in touch with the flow. Everyone has been talking about these big shifts with the eclipses and how powerful it all is, and I’m over here going “what shift”? It’s so peaceful just actually LIVING and not searching for the next best thing. Thank you so much… I thought I was the only one feeling this. Love you Andrew!

  • This DOES speak to me! And helps me understand why I haven’t been working or even wanting to do what I do for the past 3 months or so. I’ve known things were happening on an internal level, wasn’t quite sure WHAT – but have just been flowing with it (well – except for a couple of times when I resisted a bit – LOL!!!). So this is a nice validation of what I’ve been experiencing as well. And frankly – I’m extremely weary of all of the ascension hoopla and the talk of the Earth splitting with some leaving and the rest (who aren’t *quite* evolved enough) staying behind. Have no patience or time for that. So….YES. Thank you!!! <3 <3 <3

  • Amen! I’ve always thought and talk about that we CHOSE to come into this physical self for a reason. When we pass back into spirit self, we’ll have access to all of that knowledge we’re trying to remember now. But, we chose to forget for a reason. So we can experience! I’m grateful to hear it the way you presented it!!! I like that you’re being real with your journey, questions, and growth! It also gave me more confidence in myself. Thank you very much!

  • Wow! I was just having this same type of conversation with a friend and my sister yesterday! What good is all the information that I have acquired if I don’t live it?!?! I have been wrestling with all of this “spiritual” stuff and how it gets to the point that I feel like I am a fucking hamster on a wheel and that I am not doing enough and the fear of missing out rears its ugly head!

    I feel that the woo woo has gotten to the place that it messes with ones nervous system and keeps you feeling like you need the next crystal or energy training or healing modality for your Ascension!! Of late I have been stepping off that roller coaster and saying “Enough is enough! What is meant for me will fucking find me!”

    Thank you Andrew for this very timely message. It has calmed my soul and nudged me to see that I already have the ruby slippers!

    I love you and I am so excited to be traveling with you! Big hugs! And…Welcome back to California!!!

  • Wow… I saw your post because it was shared on FB by a mutual friend Vera. All I can say is there is no coincidences in this journey and all we require comes to ys in perfect timing. This video was for me in this moment! . First time I am seeing you or your videos and this one…you were speaking to me!. I will be tuning in from this day on.
    Much love and light to you Sir!

  • Andrew….I love your energy!!! There’s a poem I wrote, and one line in the poem is “For Every Piece of Knowledge, the Opposite Sometimes Can be True. Check it out Yourself, Meditate and Stew.” You have been around the “ranch”, as they say. Myself, having spent time in different areas of the country, different groups, one thing I noticed is that people seem to need to “latch” onto a concept. And if there is a variation of it, then the concept is wrong. These ideas have crevices, and aspects, and not one true sentence can cover the whole meaning. Or maybe it can. However, one thing I know is that you can be the divine “it”, but one has to work on their/my own shadow. Keep on truckin! I love your authenticity.

  • This is beautiful. I want to shout this message from the roof top. This is the first time I have seen a video of yours or heard of you but believe me I’ll be following to see where you take all of this.

    In the wake if the eclipse and shifting my inner thoughts this came at the perfect time. Last night I had a conversation with a friend that led to an “enough is enough” point in another part of my life. The “spiritual” side if my life still unknown as to how it fits into that enough situation. This video, your message, tied everything in my life together in a pretty bow.

    All if these things in our lives are distractions unless we are here now and using them in the present. I have always been a person that is seeking and searching. When I feel this way I’ll do this or when I look that way I’ll be happy. None of that matters. Its just putting up that curtain to hide the wizard in all of us. Remembering we are here to embody the truth of what we are, as you said, is the point of it all. An experience of the present in our bodies, ruby slippers and all.

    Thank you for putting this out there and changing people’s lives with it. You are a hilarious, kind, truth teller and that’s what this world needs! As I anchor myself into my present experience I’ll do what I can to continue sharing this message.

  • Thank you so much for this, this is exactly where I have been for a few months, and it is so good to see that what I feel is grounded in a general evolutionary awareness. Bless you.

  • Yeah…how true! I always say when I get into clarity; I don’t know where it comes from!
    Seeking was like an awakening, mostly reading books. I read something and then it’s like ” yeah I know this!”.
    Thank you for this…🙏
    Love and Light

  • Wearing the rubby slippers still did not get Dorothy home…. Till it was pointed out to her, what to do with the slippers, only then did she get herself home. We all innately are born with the power to eat, but we have to be shown how to , or we have the power to move /walk , but we have to be shown how to, like innately we have the power of speech , but we still need to be taught, pointed out , the how to communicate through language and like Dorothy untill she was taught how to use her slippers , even though she had the company of courage, love and life, unless and until it was pointed out, instructed to her by the Glenda the Good Witch, she would have never gotten home.
    My question to you Sir , Andrew Martin, is :” Whom is that who is saying to” Stop being spiritual ” from where that voice /thought/awareness/message /concept /acknowldegement ,that created this whole narative on the video.?
    Can you stop being a Human ?
    You know your face, cause you recognize your own physical reflection in the mirror, that once when you were small was p o i n t e d out to you ,…” this is YOU.”
    Though you say you are Spirit, how do you know that ? As a hearsay, a feeling, an idea or believe? Have you seen your own Spirit ,your own Self ? Is that a possibility ?
    The mind is a very powerful tool by which we can imagine stuff to infinity and beyond, about this all.
    But it becomes like seeing the pictures of the food in the cook book …. and never have the satisfying experience of the meal .
    All spiritual scriptures state that GOD is LIGHT and we are created in His Image. Are we Light and can we experience our own light, like we can experience our own face, our reflection we recognize as our self ?
    Those are Spirirtual questions that, we born as a human beings, can ask ourselves,…dogs and monkeys don’t, but we as human beings do and have the right to know and also experience such (wearing the slippers and clicking it)
    Then the question is……. H o w . And like Dorothy needed a Pointer, the Fairy showing her ‘ the h o w ‘ the clicking of her heels will bring her home, simiraly we too need a Pointer to show us the how to start our way back home….
    The curtain has been pulled .Andrew ,.. its all a fars….but Home is where we came from and where we long to return to and it is possible…. for it is our destiny.
    The Universe hears our quest and……..
    May you have a blessed one.
    Your Well Wisher ,

  • Yay. You’re getting it. Great video.
    It doesn’t happen through knowledge or doing anthing or thinking about it or ceremony or chanting or eating “consciously” or changing anyone or saving anything or anyone or meditation or “being spiritual” … The tools are redundant, which is the core teaching of any decent tool.

    The only valid “tool” comes from within….it’s innate… It’s being present to being human and finding that presence in our body and the knowing that We Are Already That. The rest is redundant.

    We’re here to be here… And so to learn to flow joyfully in simply being here. To trust the process and allow it to be the expansion it is. It’s all expansion. It’s all good. We’re here to embrace our humaness as the cutting edge experience of embodying Self in self that we have chosen.
    Do nothing but what moves you to be done in the moment… And see what happens… It’s all internal… And the Internal that IS will be reflected in the external.
    It’s all taken care of already… inspiration, inspiritation, is simply a matter of learning to listen to our own Internal Eternity…

  • Love it Andrew! You are so amazingly honest and true to who you are. Thank you for letting us into your world. It is inspiring. ❤️ You are brilliant ✨✨✨✨✨

  • I am in love with you. I spent time with my good friends this past week. I sent them a text before hand and said can we not do anything heavy. Just dance, sing, have fun. I didnt want to do any “work”. Healing or energy. It happened anyway. I was present, but disconnected. I was there as support. What you described was how I have been feeling for a minute. I went through a spiritual transformation and got stuck. I didnt know how to come. I felt like I was in a box. The ideas, thoughts, new beliefs were holding me hostage. I text my boss and said Im tired of being “spiritual”. 30 min later all I saw on my FB page was your face and stop being spiritual. My mouth dropped. I was grateful. I watched it and felt the heaviness falling off with every word. It was like you were giving me permission and confirmation all at the same damn time. Thank you for your transparency and following your truth. You carried me over the theshold. I am free. Blessings. PS I had never heard of you until now. Glad to finally meet you. It was supposed to be in that beautiful moment.

  • This resonates so much with me, just living my life as my divine expression of what I am bringing here. For me it is Ease & Abundance, just being the divine expression of that. And in all the spiritual groups, for me there is just the longing for connection, heart to heart, in our own truth whatever that is. Complete acceptance of what life brings to me, it is always perfect……..the rest is just mindconstructions and/or concepts, my mind is soooo tired. My mind loves complexity, my sould longs for simplicity……Just want to embrace the not-knowing where the magic of life unfolding starts, I long to surrender to that…..

  • Spirituality, will occur when there is not one single human being living on this planet who is NOT suffering, at that point humanity will finally have evolved. Spirit will meet this physical reality and this is how it was, is, meant to be.

  • Thank you so much for speaking out loud what’s on my mind these days! <3 I think we reached now our here-and-now-chapter of our training for life and ascension. A chapter where the yesterday cease to exist and the tomorrow is way out of our mind and consequence if we are in our center and heart. <3

  • You took the thoughts right out of my head. I’ve been thinking this for this whole year. So tired of being scared to live or of life, I choose now to walk in peace…….Blessings

  • Yes indeed, everyone seeking answers and guidance outside (from gurus, spiritual speakers and healers of all sorts, angels, archangels etc etc) would be ideal to stop that the very moment they listed to your message. And other good part of your message is that could have the power of bringing the attention home from past or future, place it where should stay constantly, IN THE PRESENT and live the joy of who you aim to be – the whole you back again – so that could attracted and materialise that quicker.

    Otherwise, the idea of STOP BEING SPIRITUAL FOR YOU ARE A SPITIT AND CANNOT BE SOMETHING ELSE ANYWAY, is just partly true and valid only when our life is led by us, by our spirit… but the lives of yet still too many are still led by mind and mind is still led by remote controllers… you name them…for they are so many, and all not having our best interest at heart.

    Also, I have read some of your posts on Facebook… You can’t be a badass, motherfucker divine light simply because divine light means perfect equilibrium and perfection itself.

    A badass, motherfucker is only OF DIVINE LIGHT ORIGIN, but has chosen to disconnect from the true Source of light at some point, so he could not get ‘charged up’ again… unless he changes his mind and chooses to be divine light back again… but that implies getting into divine equilibrium, so getting rid of the badass, motherfucker :)))

    Be in the true light and love everyone!!!

  • 😄 I do agree yeah indeed . As a tarot reader I feel really sick mostly my clients willing to be spiritual , instead of being human .

    I am exhausted telling them shut up dude !! What the fuck spirituality . Bring spirituality into yr real life instead .

    Duhhh !!

    Great I found yr video .
    Awesome !!! Thank you Andrew Martin

  • I love you and you put into words what is happening with me also. I never heard of you before this post. Thank you for saying all you said.

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