January 2021 Energy Transmission - Living The Life That is Chosen

January 2021 Energy Transmission – Living The Life That is Chosen

This past year has changed everything. I know without a doubt that we have all reconnected to parts of our Self that have awakened us to a deeper truth. The question is “What are you going to do with that truth?” We can no longer pretend that we don’t know what we know. So, for[…]

A Mountain of Remembrance

October Update – A Mountain of Remembrance

“You are sitting on a mountain of remembrance” That phrase has been rolling around in my head for the past month or so. Then the following message came through. “It’s only information until you claim it as truth”. These two phrases will carry us through the intensity of the next few weeks if we allow[…]

1111 Energy Work

1111 Energy Work

This is the recording of the live energy work that was done on 11/11. This was a really beautiful transmission. The group connected directly with their higher aspect(s) to receive the frequency of Truth directly from Self.  It feels important to note that the final moments of the 2019 passage are offering us more space[…]

Andrew Martin Energy

Markers On The Path

This message first came through in 2015. I asked the guides for some insight on the powerful energies that we were receiving. I wanted to know what their point of view on this experience was. Amazing to me how we cycle through our experience and the same message can take on an entirely new meaning. “In[…]

Andrew Martin Energy

Your Emotional Architecture

Emotional ArchitectureOne of the primary functions of a human experience is that we create through our emotions. Every single choice we make has an emotional underpinning. We create because we want an emotional pay off. We choose this because we like the way we feel when we do. We eat this food, because there’s a[…]

Andrew Martin Energy

Your New Life

There is a new life that is calling you forward. That’s why your current experience is no longer satisfying. You’ve been taught a successful, happy, life is all about external achievement and material things. You’ve been taught to crush your competition and that if you grind and struggle enough you’ll be rewarded. That’s one way[…]