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The Myth of Control

The idea of control is so seductive. It’s one of our favorite human myths. We use the program of “Control” to justify all sorts of things. Yet if things were “controllable” would we even perceive them as being out of control in the first place? How can something be what it is not? Is the[…]

April Energy Transmission - The End of History

April Energy Transmission – The End of History

Ok, I got FIRED up in this one! 😃✨ The energies that came through took us to church! 🤣💙The global awakening that we’re in the midst of is taking us into unprecedented, unfamiliar, territory. However, in many ways it can be understood through the lens of your personal awakening. The only things that fall apart[…]

Andrew Martin Energy

Shut Up About Your Enlightenment

Don’t talk about it, be about it. It’s not about living life according to arbitrary spiritual rules and regulations. This isn’t about dogma and restrictions, this is about your personal relationship with the Divine spark that you are. It’s not about your vision board or how many crystals you have (no shade, I LOVE my[…]