August Update - Find Your Middle Path

August Update – Find Your Middle Path

Increasingly we are seeing polarity/duality ramping up in our collective. You’re either THIS or you’re THAT! The middle ground would seem to be shrinking beneath our feet. Yet, when you are able to entertain that point of view as well as holding your own perspective, you begin to see that nobody is one thing. To[…]

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The Myth of Control

The idea of control is so seductive. It’s one of our favorite human myths. We use the program of “Control” to justify all sorts of things. Yet if things were “controllable” would we even perceive them as being out of control in the first place? How can something be what it is not? Is the[…]

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Fear is Temporary

The Sphere Healing sessions are such an amazing experience. Deep healing, pure wisdom, and some pretty incredible stuff is coming through. This message came through for a client today. Fear always happens outside of the present moment. Fear occurs when we vacate the present moment. Since our guidance is only ever present with us now,[…]

March 2020 Energy Transmission - Questioning Your Programs

March 2020 Energy Transmission – Questioning Your Programs

I’ve been thinking a lot about programming recently. When it’s unconscious, it’s something that is the cause of so much conflict and chaos. When it’s deliberate and rooted in Truth, Compassion and Love, it is a key to our liberation. In this months energy transmission, I am sharing my recent realizations around programming. I also[…]