March 2020 Energy Transmission - Questioning Your Programs

March 2020 Energy Transmission – Questioning Your Programs

I’ve been thinking a lot about programming recently. When it’s unconscious, it’s something that is the cause of so much conflict and chaos. When it’s deliberate and rooted in Truth, Compassion and Love, it is a key to our liberation. In this months energy transmission, I am sharing my recent realizations around programming. I also[…]

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Through The Eye of a Needle

THE 11/11 PORTAL On 11/11 we entered an accelerated corridor of transformation that I see continuing to 12/21. The past year has been so much about collapsing old timelines, realities, and cleaning up our multi-dimensional lives. We have integrated and released a LOT of stuff. There is major clearing going on right now, I know,[…]

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There Are Universes Within

I remember when I started to share this journey publicly. The first ever channelled message I posted from the lighted ones (TLO) was on November 21st of 2013  It was such an exciting moment for me. I had been working with them one on one for a couple of months. Learning how to empty myself[…]

March Energy Forecast

March 2017 Energy Forecast – The Transformation Template

We move into March embodying the physical shifts that came through in February. We emerge from the fires of healing with our Transformation Template online. The traditional chakra system continues to collapse as the light body keeps expanding. Our intuition, knowing, gifts and abilities are sharper than ever. I discuss all of this and more[…]

Is it Sustainable Part 3 – Move To Action

Part One of “Is it Sustainable?” presented you with a simple but challenging question. Part Two gave you some ways to begin the process of deliberate self inquiry. Part Three says it’s time to take action. Not just any action, but action that challenges you to move outside of your comfort zone and step towards[…]

Self Inquiry 

Everyone at some point or another reaches a place where they’re not entirely happy with their life. It’s part of the deal. Spirit is a fractal expression and fractals never end they just keep expanding and recurring. Your sense of dissatisfaction is what keeps you moving forward. The only things that don’t grow are dead[…]