October Energy Transmission

October Energy Transmission – Everything Has Changed

Clarity comes in fits and starts these days. There are times where everything is so clear and pristine. The next moment it shreds at the seams, reducing itself to nothing again. Everything has changed. 2019 has been unforgiving in that sense. I am not the same man I was a year ago. I am not[…]

September Energy Transmission - Let it In, Let it Up, Let it Out

September Energy Transmission – Let it In, Let it Up, Let it Out

Ok, so we’ve been pretty much sliced, diced, and turned inside out over the past year or so, and September brings the relief of integration. We are starting to stitch ourselves back together. This is not a process to rush, however. This is an opportunity to do it eyes wide open, with no blindfolds. Being[…]

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August 2019 Energy Update – Collapsing Timelines, Chaos, and Your Truth

I’ve been in a very deeply transformational space for the past few weeks…we all have in our own way. The voice of our truth will not be moved. The truth has no investment in whether or not you’re ready for it. It has no concern for whether or not it’s convenient. The truth is a[…]

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June Update-Trauma loops, Single Use Coping Mechanisms, and Normalizing Spirit

✨June Update Energy Transmission – Trauma loops, Single Use Coping Mechanisms, and Normalizing Spirit. How does that sound for a June update?! 😃It’s time to open the door and let your shadow in. The current phase is gracefully holding us for our shadow work. To be integrated. 💙To be embodied. To be complete and whole we must[…]

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April 2019 Update – Are You Using Your Tools?

We’re wrapping up April and I am starting to feel that familiar restlessness that usually precedes forward action. Are you using the tools you have? None of this matters if you’re not actively engaging yourself, ALL of yourself. Between now and 2021 things are going to continue to shift in ways that will blow our[…]